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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Is this a norm ?

I don't think this is the standard announcement issued by the airline concerned. This is an announcement made up by an overly enthusiastic crew. It was recorded by a passenger on the flight, I was told. Correct me if I am wrong.


JuHu Eng Chai said...

This ifs is a motivated crew who will resort to doing things for sia. Good announcement but a bit drama mama.

Anonymous said...

He has a stammering has SQ becomes when all the senior crew retired????

Anonymous said...

Whose boots is he trying to lick????

Anonymous said...

I think his announcement is more irritating than helpful...Very Long winded, and makes your goose pimples appear... Problem is, he thinks he is good ! He likes to make announcements just after takeoff and landing.. He was written in by one captain for telling the Pax on the PA he was rudely interrupted by the captain. This happened when the captain interrupted his Long announcement after landing to ask the cabin crew to disarm the doors..

PH Tan said...

He reminds me of Daryl Chew the aotc who was given the early retirement in the 1980s.