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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Discontinuation of seminar for cabin crew wannabes

Starting January this year, I've decided to cease conducting the above seminar. I am proud to announce that I've helped around 400 of the seminar participants acquired their "dream" jobs as cabin crew with Singapore Airlines as well as Emirates, Cathay, Japan Airlines and others.
The main reason for not conducting future seminars is due to my busy schedule. Age is also catching up and I am taking things "easy" a little.
I hope I've helped improved the quality of lives for those who became cabin crew. Prior to joining the airlines, many were sales personnel, clerks, partime workers etc barely earning $2,000 a month.
Also, many whom I've helped were people who had failed many times at the cabin crew interviews. The highest number of times was 16. After attending my seminar, he got through the SIA interview.
For those who've not succeeded, my advice is to try for the interview again or go for another career.
Good luck to all out there vying for the job of cabin crew.


Anonymous said...

Hi BT, is no news really good news while waiting for the "golden" call?? What could be the reason for the delay besides HR being busy?? Sorry to trouble you, hope you wouldn't mind sharing your thoughts on this.. Thank you and have a nice day :)

Boh Tong said...

Be patient and wait. It may be good news or otherwise. The delay is usually due to workload and understaffing. Other reason may be bcos you have failed your medical which HR will not tell you.