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Saturday, 21 May 2016

From a stewardess to mistress

Ginny was no ordinary stewardess. She and I got along very well during our flying days. Ginny was desirable and voluptuous and was a extrovert with a cheerful personality. She was flirtatious too. She used to have an IFS boyfriend and later left him for an ex colleague of mine.
My ex colleague was a married man. Ginny and him broke off their relationship within a year. Then, Ginny left the airline after finishing her 5 year contract. She must have been about  25 years old then.
I have not met nor in contact with Ginny after she left the airline until recently.
I was at a shopping mall at Orchard Road with my wife. From a distance, I saw a familiar face. When I get closer, I realised it was Ginny. She was in the same mall doing her shopping. I called her name and she was pleasantly surprised to see me. " Wow you have not change a bit" she complimented me. I returned the compliment. Yes, Ginny hasn't change a bit too. She was as cheerful and friendly as before. She's still the same except for some small wrinkles under her beautiful sparkling big eyes.
I found out that Ginny isn't married. She told me she has a boyfriend who is married. She told me she does not really care whether her boyfriend wants to divorce his wife or not as long as he support her financially.
Her boyfriend is super rich and bought her two condominiums and a fast car. He gives her $10,000 every month as long as she stays faithful to him. Ginny told me she is happy with her boyfriend.
We didn't exchange phone numbers as I understand her boyfriend is an extremely jealous man.
We parted company as soon as my wife signalled to me she had bought her stuff and was ready to leave.


Anonymous said...

At least she knows how to use her beauty and brains to make a living if I may call it.
Today the stewardesses hang around with the useless tattooed ah bengs who have nothing
to offer.

Anonymous said...

I thought your wife had signalled you because she was jealous :p

- Jane

Anonymous said...

well i can only say, every woman deserves their own husband.

Anonymous said...

ladies and gentlemen what we have here is the definition of a WHORE.

Anonymous said...

A kept woman sounds more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

A WHORE? Go and look up the dictionary before branding someone.
A Whore is a prostitute but this one is a mistress meaning "kept" by someone.

Anonymous said...

Ginny's happy. Her BF also happy. His wife either chooses to ignore it or is living in blissful ignorance. Their world is at peace :),

Gin said...

Anonymous said...
Ginny's happy. Her BF also happy. His wife either chooses to ignore it or is living in blissful ignorance. Their world is at peace :),

Well said! everybody is happy because no harn has been done...hahaaaa

Anonymous said...

I think the children not happy