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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

How does Singapore Airlines retain its employees?

SINGAPORE: Flag carrier Singapore Airlines (SIA) spends more than S$100 million on training a year, including flight operations training programmes.
According to the airline, its comprehensive training programmes have helped develop its employees. For instance, cabin crew undergo a 15-week training course .....
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Anonymous said...

LOL at average of 10years for CC.

SQ falsifying numbers again.

Anonymous said...

Seriously doubt about the accuracy of the report, most cabin crew that we get to know, majority left even before they completed their 1st 5 years contract, some just completed their 2 years of service left before they were train for Biz class. If it is such a good job, why the turnover rate so high?

Anonymous said...

The turn over rate is glaring high. Yet they still claim people stay on. CC's are expandeble, when theres spots to fill all they need to do is hire freshies who will only stay for a fling n leave because they cant take the heat. SQ so call looking for standards is nothing more but a big joke.

I worked 55 years... said...

The VP knows which side his bread is buttered.
He sings praise about his own HR practices... just like
how some crew sing praise about the "system".

Really... 10 years!???

Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

Anonymous said...

says hire 90% locals?
can anyone verify that?

Anonymous said...

90% locals my ass haha !

Anonymous said...

90% locals? If we based on the population 7000 of Cabin Crew Division, we will be looking at just 700 foreign crew, 6300 locals, if that is the case, why do they still have to cross over the causeway so frequent to rope in the Malaysian steward/stewardess? Now SQ have Japanese, Thai, Indian, PRC Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Indonesian & a handful from Hong Kong, before I left a year ago, they have about 200 Japanese stewardess, 200 Thai, and countless number of Malaysian cabin crew, clearly remember one of the ZRH flight which I did on the A380, other then myself, IFS & 1 CSS, the rest of the 19 crew were either Malaysian, Thai, PRC Chinese & Indonesian. We Singaporean are the minority.
When Cabin Crew Division started to recruit Thai, we were happy that future BKK turnaround will probably roster more Thai crew to work, instead they were on local term, take over all those SQ26/25, SQ16, SQ322 etc, and we roster to work on BKK turnaround, there were no Thai crew onboard, and for sure "No" Sawadee Krup announcement been made.
So 90% are Singaporean is way beyond truth!

Anonymous said...

90% locals? Cmon SIA.

Anonymous said...

my flight also same, apart from me ifs and a lss, the rest all indonesian and malaysian.
then they can like that openly say we hire 90% locals? zzz

Anonymous said...

The nose getting longer.