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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Crew safety instructors

The safety instructors (SI) are qualified staff who train and equip the cabin crew and pilots on safety procedures of the aircraft. Besides them, there are also first aid instructors who are mostly from the nursing profession.
These days due to a shortage of SI, SIA look to former and retired crew to fill up the vacancies. However, these SI are paid on a daily basis and up to $200 a day. I understand not all retired and ex crew are interested or fit for the job of a SI.
With this problem at hand, SIA now turn to the operating senior cabin crew to assist them (pay is the same as the SI). During the days-off, they would double up as SI and help train the crew. This I understand is a temporary measure.

BT: Officially they are known as Safety Equipment Procedure (SEP) Instructors but I prefer addressing them as Safety Instructors (SI).


Anonymous said...

Its a position available only to elite few.

Here, they will choose who they like..
quietly ask them to apply. ( just a formality to
avoid being accused of favouritism )

Anonymous said...

Those bluff eat, half bucket shit people earn $200 a day?

Anonymous said...

Did they ask u?

Anonymous said...

It may appear to be meritocratic.
SQ has many skilled puppeteers and endless
theaters to stage their wayang.

Anonymous said...

Some retirees who became Safety Instructors are now driving taxis. The initial glamour is finally gone.

Anonymous said...

Who is driving taxi now?

Anonymous said...

And some end up at supermart, hawker or doing some menial job.

Not as glamorous as some think.

The long term health effects r also damaging with some unable to conceive.

Better find another job.

Flying is not what it once was.same goes for quality of the's definition of pretty or handsome is different from last time.

Some SQ recruiters need glasses. Few stewardesses with natural beauty..all need make up to mask weaknesses nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Some SEP instructors have called themselves as external consultant.........and taxi?
J......a-g. We all need to eat.

Anonymous said...

is Daniel Chua still around?
as safety instructor that is
1st SNY flight SQ152 he
was the soft spoken IFS

Anonymous said...

DC..also known as SC Chua. Certainly remember him......