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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Fair Play's comment....

I hope readers will think clearly before giving comments. SIA is being criticised for 'jumping on the band wagon'
What if SIA totally ignores Schooling even after he won the gold?
The criticisms will probably cover pages.
Has SIA done the right thing? My answer is a big thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

SIA certainly did a great job in welcoming Joseph Schooling. The ceremony was given immense publicity, and rightly so.

Right thinking voter unlike 70% said...

Only those affiliated with SIA in some way,shape or form will side them.SIA was not sincere and everyone,including those ang moh can see.You're not fooling us like those in white.You deserve the criticism you are getting from all over the globe,especially the shorty fatty and girly looking middle man in the chair.
As usual,crew treating ang moh better than our locals.

Anonymous said...

Process is key.
Its how it was done.
Everyone knows that screwing is great fun.
Its how to screw that adds value.
Like screwing and the person being screwed didnt even know it.
That is mastery of the how.

Anonymous said...

Hahhahah SQ got quite a number of "backdoor" boys.
As for the girls,me not sure.

Anonymous said...

And crew are the best of all.
no matter what,despite
knowing they are being screwed
they asked that screwing continues,
year after year.

That is why the selection process is so
stringent.. they only want the best.

Anonymous said...

AirAsia will offer free flights for life to athletes from
Asean who won gold medals in the 2016 Rio Olympics
2 Thais
2 Indonesians
1 Vietnamese
1 Singaporean