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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Not from Philippines but from .....

Earlier on, I mentioned that SQ may hire girls from the Philippines but according to an unconfirmed source, the idea has been dropped, at least for the present.
The airline is looking towards recruiting girls from Vietnam, Myanmar and Malaysia. The latter is where SIA is more interested because Malaysian girls are traditionally more enthusiastic in their work and less likely to quit prematurely than their Singapore counterparts. Therefore one may see more frequent advertisements for SIA girls in Malaysia than anywhere else.

BT: Currently there are no girls from Vietnam and Myanmar flying for SIA.


Anonymous said...

Truly an great International airlines

VOLTRON said...

Yes because of Airasia's dominance in SEA. SQ feels it might help if their crew had some viets and burmese. Don't forget Vietnam's economic growth is even better than SG and MY which shows you just how good the market is there.In fact some MNCs are moving their operations to Vietnam.

I'm not sure sure how effective this will be because most consumers in this area are still price sensitive,not unless their company pays for their ticket and its cheaper to fly with Airasia than SQ.

Anonymous said...

Why is this an issue?

Crew cannot take pic meh?