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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Joseph Schooling of Singapore won the Gold in swimming

Joseph Schooling did Singapore proud by winning the Gold Medal in 100m butterfly this morning. This is the first Gold Medal at the Olympic for Singapore.
Don't know whether Joseph is related to our former SIA stewardess by the name of Rea Schooling.

Joseph Schooling's doping test results ..Read more 


Anonymous said...

Yes. He is related to Rea Schooling.

Anonymous said...

Half Malaysian half many good in the pool. Hopefully one day we can break China's dominance.

Mabel said...

To anonymous

None of us saw half a Malaysian flag flying during the medal ceremony ...

Ps bohtong have you read the men's health article criticizing Joseph schooling? It was subsequently deleted but it's found on mothership. Anyway the editor Kelvin Tan was from SIA too apparently (saw his LinkedIn)

the special one said...

Schooling bekas perenang negeri Perak.

Schooling swam for Perak state.



Don't post anything when you're having your PMS!

Must be that time of the month for you.

Having a kiasu mindset makes you a very unhappy person.

Learn to relax.

Mabel said...

Lol, sexist boar, much? Your uncouth comment shows so much of your about character. And yes, I will post on whether I'm PMSing or not, I will write what I want. If my comment is not appropriate, Bohtong will not approve it. So, your issue is??

It's the truth. Joseph Schooling represented SINGAPORE. And who is any one helping Malaysia claiming credit for something which isn't theirs? So does this mean China should also claim credit for Lee Chong Wei because he is ethnically Chinese?

PS I'm a very happy person in life :D No need for your concern, internet warrior... Making reference to a person's biological gender simply reflects what an egoistic and pathetic person you are.


Anonymous said...

Lee Chong Wei is pure Malaysian so China cannot claim credit.Schooling is half Malaysian because of his mother.No Malaysian is trying to claim credit for his success. I think you misinterpreted what that very first person said about him being half Malaysian and that has irritated some across the causeway.No need to get worked up over something so trivial.We have more important things to debate about.

Angry Malaysian said...

You are a racist to suggest Lee Chong Wei is Chinese so China can claim him.He is 100% Malaysian with parents who are also Malaysian.His ancestors are from China but he himself is 100% Malaysian. Why don't you make a nuisance somewhere else because we don't need racist bigots like you here.Sei la lei.

Anonymous said...

Confirmed it's Rea Schooling's nephew.

Anonymous said...

A person's citizenship can be verified on either his birth certificate or NRIC.

Anonymous said...

Schooling had his National Service deferred in order to take part in the Olympic Games. His gold medal is an example of true grit and determination that have propelled a young man's dream to win a First for Singapore. Congratulations Joseph!

Mabel retard said...

Don't ever come
to Malaysia.

the special one said...

When I first posted this,it was only to reply to something Mabel had said.I never knew that it would go viral.After posting the 2006 Star article link here,I then posted it in the form of a Facebook status update and a comment on Tre.Such is the power of social media.Malaysians want answers.

Thanks BT for publishing my reply to Mabel as it had the 2006 Star article link in there which many are citing.

Star is still MCA owned I believe.YB Khairy must ensure we don't lose more talented sportsmen.