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Monday, 15 August 2016

Joseph Schooling, Singapore Olympic gold medalist.

Circulating online

Hahaha this is the real   commercial world.
SIA also join the queue to reward Joseph Schooling by upgrade him to first class and provide 1million free millage etc at the Same time take opportunity of him as free advertisement on SIA.
*Always something for something right?*

Fwd from a retiree:

"As a nation, a people, a country, a govt., and as individuals, we did almost nothing to help Schooling get to the gold medal. We did not finance him, did not support him, the country choose not to groom and encourage this boy. Very little of our money went to training him, and providing him the necessary support, compared to the millions we lavish on 3rd class athletes from China and elsewhere. Not only did we not support him, we almost killed his career by making him do NS. When I say we, meaning the entire system of the country. If his mother May did not fight MINDEF to get his deferment, he might still be in the SAF now doing NS. There was no mass petition from singaporeans calling for his deferment. there was no mass calling by the MPs to support him. There was no media support for him, and certainly no support from the Singapore National Olympics Committee for his deferment.
Instead, 2 angmos (one was his swim coach in U of T, Gregg Troy) and the other a technical director, Bill Swetenham of SSC, wrote in their support to ask for his deferment. Not one MP or minister stood up for this boy. 

But now that he won the Gold, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and be proud of him. President spent our tax money to fly over.

I say that you don't have that right. 

Singaporeans have not earned the right to claim the limelight with him. Where were they went he needed them? Sinkies are really pathetic hypocrites. Although I am born and raised in singapore, I am ashamed of our treatment of this boy, and I certainly cannot rejoice without a hint of embarassment that we as a people almost killed this great moment.

So shameful  isn't it😣😣


Little purple riding hood said...

He took a picture with people who are much older than him and yet they seem to act more immature than him. It is supposed to be his day but they turned it into SIA's day.
If you didn't know who he was,you might think the man of the hour was the guy in the middle.Not a good time to be inviting controversy for SIA.

He needs to escape the media and spend time with his family,at least they're more sincere.

Who fought for his deferment again? Who recognised his talent at a very young age?SG sports minister?SIA?PAP?Opposition?

If this is how the crew behaves for an Olympic gold medallist,then imagine how much worse they'd be if they served more high profile sports figures.

Anonymous said...

The middle fella looks like a douche.

Anonymous said...

Why must the entire set of crew pose with him?
The IFS should have just asked for volunteers among the
FSS only, to pose for the Kodak moment.

Tech crew should just set the way points.

But this sort of clear headed thinking is not the hallmark
of SQ. It must be as complicated, lengthy and pressured.

Sighhhh.. for 35 years... no change.

Anonymous said...

The true heroes of Schooling's success story are his parents.

Anonymous said...

Who is the short ass standing in front of the cake with Joseph behind him? looks like it was his celebration, he is trying to steal the fame and glory from the champion !!!

Anonymous said...

Did you guys read the comments on tre about the middle guy and the stewardesses in the pic? Harsh for the girls i think.they have to follow orders and just pose.

DT said...

Joseph or SQ won the gold medal?!?

Anonymous said...

All wanted to be in the limelight in front(especially the man in the centre),that they shamelessly placed themselves in front of the champion...this is disgusting

Anonymous said...

Shorty is Brazil's station manager Alvin

Anonymous said...

This is so stupid, what is wrong with you people and why are you taking up space for Mr. Schooling?!?!?!?!? Who do you think you people are?!?!?!?!? At least some of your girls should let him sit in the chair, NOT in back of the line. Ughhhh.......

Anonymous said...

wow imagine Tokyo 2020 olympic
spore will win more gold medals!!
in swimming its easy like phelps

Anonymous said...

How come the Singapore Flag is being used as the table cloth? This is a blatant insult to Singapore. That guy in his full suit ought to know better. JS ought to be seated in front of the cake.