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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Singapore's Chef de Mission to Rio Olympics

Many years ago when I was an IFS, I had the privilege of serving a former schoolmate of mine from RI. He was an active sportsman in school and a good ruby player. At the time when he was on my flight, he was working with an international bank based in Singapore. I had also served his boss a couple of times. Both were excellent first class passengers. They were gracious and friendly with the crew.
Recently, I happened to meet this same schoolmate again and this time it was at a charity dinner hosted by my two former classmates.
The schoolmate mentioned above was none other than Mr Low Teo Ping, the current Singapore's Chef de Mission for the Rio Olympics.

Seated from left: Mrs Abdullah Tarmugi, Mr Abdullah Tarmugi (also my ex-schoolmate and former minister and speaker of the House) and Mr Low Teo Ping. Standing behind was me.

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