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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

SIA is sincere awarding Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling the .....

Circulating online

Hahaha this is the real   commercial world.SIA also join the queue to reward Joseph Schooling by upgrade him to first class and provide 1million free millage etc at the Same time take opportunity of him as free advertisement on SIA.
*Always something for something right?*

The above message that's being circulating on social media is in my opinion, utter rubbish! SIA awarded Joseph Schooling the upgrade to first class travel back to Singapore from Rio and the award of 1 million Krisflyer Miles along with a KrisFlyer Gold Card was a sincere genuine gesture. 

With the 1 million miles, he can take five return trips on first class, or, if his broad shoulders can fit into economy seats, then 15 return trips in economy.
3. Schooling could also use his free miles to fly to London to watch his favourite soccer team, Chelsea. The miles will allow him 16 economy class trips or five first-class tickets.
4. Alternatively, if Schooling wanted to take a trip every year to Hong Kong, he could use his free miles for 40 years (flying economy) or 21 years (on business).
5. If sushi and ramen are more to his taste buds, Schooling could take annual trips to Tokyo and finish his miles only in 26 years (on economy) or 10 years (if flying first class).


Anonymous said...

This one better be true
Or else SQ can sue.

Anonymous said...

The Schoolings bought their own F class tickets.
They just could not be seated together in F class between
BCN-SIN. They were seated together from GRU-BCN.

SQ just approached the F class pax from BCN to SIN to
ask if she would give up her seat for Joseph to be seated
next to his mother in F... he had firm seat in J class.
So it was a mutual swap between pax, facilitated by SQ.

It happens sometimes... people can be gracious.
( usually, if its not their own money )

Anonymous said...

If JS did not win any Olympic medal and travel on SQ on his way back would SQ still give him First Class and one million miles for his participation in the Olympics? Ponder?

Anonymous said...

SQ would will not offer the 1 million miles if JS did not win.( silver, bronze included)
But they might ( if asked by mother or JS) facilitate the swap.
This would be done regardless of Olympian or not... its a pax request.

Though, the F class pax between BCN-SIN would also not likely to accede either.
Basic philosophy of " whats in it for me?" ( WIIFM ) mind set.

And with that WIIFM mind set, 100% agreement will result if a J class pax was asked
to swap seats with Mrs Schooling in the F class, so that she could sit with JS in J class! No brainer here...??

There is always 2 sides to a coin.

Humble pie said...

The woman in the
video is very chubby.

She gave up seat and
want fame.

Ta de bmi 35.

Fairplay said...

I hope readers will think clearly before giving comments. SIA is being criticised for 'jumping on the band wagon'
What if SIA totally ignores Schooling even after he won the gold?
The criticisms will probably cover pages.
Has SIA done the right thing? My answer is a big thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Now this is sincerity.