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Friday, 26 August 2016

SQ flight from JFK diverted to London instead of Frankfurt

The flight from JFK which was supposed to land at FRA was diverted to LON. Many paxs are upset and I do not want to speculate what has happened to the flight as it may be sensitive in nature. Perhaps the incident may be reported in the press tomorrow. So look out for the press report if there is any.


Passenger said...

Flt diverted due to Canadian ATC refusing to let aircraft through
their airspace.The dispute resulted in the loss of time and fuel
which made the pilots to land at Heathrow Airport.

Anonymous said...

Probably some error by the pilots. People don't simply refuse just like that.

Anonymous said...

Pilots got the wrong flight plan?

Anonymous said...

If this blog is true, then a full scale inquiry ought to be convened.

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly not in the news.When other airlines get diverted,you can even find videos on utube about it.