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Monday, 29 August 2016

The unsung hero

The airplane was heading towards Perth. It would be another 2 hours before it arrived at its destination. Most of the passengers were asleep. It was a night flight.
A steward felt uneasy. Something told him to look out of the left hand side window. When he lowered his head to peep out of the window, he couldn't believe what he saw. There was flame gushing out of engine number one on the port side. Hurriedly, he alerted the pilots. The cockpit panel showed that all 4 engines were operating normally.
The co-pilot rushed out of the cockpit and looked through one of the windows and saw what the steward had reported. The captain quickly shut the engine that was on fire. The steward was told not to tell anyone of the incident.
Except for a few fire engines positioned near the runway,there was no fuss nor any panic when the flight landed at Perth International Airport.
Looking back, the steward's action saved the lives of 152 people on board that flight. It was an act which went unnoticed.
The above is a true story. It happened about 37 years ago on a Boeing 707 en route from Jakarta to Perth.


Anonymous said...

37 yrs ago got SQ?

Professor said...

SQ was formed in Oct 1972 almost 44 years ago

Anonymous said...

Gosh if not for the steward's attentiveness the plane would have caught
fire and exploded midair. The fuel is store in the wing area. The steward
should at least be given some kind of recognition by the airline.

Anonymous said...

707 got 4 engines meh?

Anonymous said...

And the steward was....BT.And the airline was SQ.......?

Anonymous said...

Go goggle u twit! There is also a lounge area.

Braniff Air said...

The 707 was a workhorse.
It had 4 engines pratt & whitney.

It could do amazing sectors..
( and also the crew.. both tech & cabin )

SIN-MAA-CMB-SIN all in 12 hours.
No rest periods either.
No catering at all the stations except from SIN
Every sector had a service.. full lunch, refreshments with coffee/tea and full dinner.
with fish curry even in EY.. 125 pax.

No chillers, no waste compactor.
You have to manage waste.. no simple throwing into bins.
Throw or discard mindlessly and you will be hounded throughout your career ( if you still around )

Refreshments with coffee & tea had to be prepared on ground before pax boarded.
No pre arranged trays by caterers. YOU had to extract cups, saucers ( yep, we had round saucers for cups ) Pre set them with sugar and creamer sachets and teaspoons.. not plastic mind you.. and not prepacked either. It comes loose in big plastic bags.

Even wet ice was supplied from SIN all the way there and back again.

Try doing that now.
The crew will faint and collapse, and when awaken, will report to member of parliament of how they have been mistreated.

No, its not glory days.
It was tough and archaic.
But being a new industry, new business... and if you wanted to be
part of it, you danced along.

If you danced and gelek well, you get promoted super duper fast.
Like being a CS within a couple of years.

Every new industry has similar situations.
Because its new, no one know the answers... and you try your best.
SQ now is established ( should be! ).. but cabin crew division style of
administration is, in parts, still archaic.

Because of some lingering old staff who cling on for dear life and cannot accept
new approaches.

Flint said...

The steward still alive?

Anonymous said...

If Bohtong is alive then the unsung hero is still around ( BT = Hero ) hehehe

Flint said...

But thought he started his career 35 years ago?

Anonymous said...

BT retired in 2003 after flying for 35 years and so he is 70 now.

Flint said... he cud be the steward in the post.nice 1.but jakarta to perth so maybe garuda indon.anyway gud job steward BT

Anonymous said...

To Anoy 4. Yes the B707 runs on four engines. I was a bomber converted into a commercial aircraft after it was slated for retirement. The AWACS surveillance aircraft is also a B707. A classic beauty wholly made in the USA.

Anonymous said...

It was a bomber. The blog does not mention the name of the airline in this incident. SIA did have the B707 in its fleet at one time. It is single aisle, comes with PCL/ YCL configuration with 16 and 126 seats respectively. A four seater sky loung with a table was part the PCL cabin.

Flint said...

With the transponder that can be switched off

Anonymous said...

SIA used to operate SIN/JKT/PER using the B707 and I think this was what BT is talking about.
The B707 is a single isle plane with 4 Prat & Whitney engines. Got it folks?

MERDEKA happy holidays said...

Sounds like something
they use for domestic
flights in MY.
Small & narrow.

Anonymous said...

This is the 1st time that I have heard of this incident (tale?), having flown for 34 years.

Dr watson said...

Which means that you don't work for the same airline as the one referred to in the post and we are not even sure which airline it is.It could be SQ,MH,GA..

Anonymous said...

Is BT prepared to vouch for this story?

Boh Tong said...

Yes, I would stand by the story.