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Thursday, 25 August 2016

The people who designed the cabin crew training manuals.

Cabin crew service/work training manuals were actually compiled and designed by the former Cabin Crew Executives or CCEs. Cabin crew management has never engaged a consultant to do the manual for us. It's difficult for the external consultants to design a manual that is peculiar to our needs.
The more experienced CCEs were drafted into a committee to do the job.
There was only once when the cabin crew management asked a consultancy company to revamp the training manual for us. After a long study, the company asked for a couple of millions of dollars. Cabin crew management decided to drop the idea of engaging them as it was too expensive and turned to the CCEs once again.  In less than a year, the CCEs revamped the training manual and until today, it's still in use.
Although the CCEs were not directly involved in the computer-based- training programme, they did assist in providing information and feedback to a high tech company that was engaged to do the software for the training programme.
In conclusion, the cabin crew division by using the CCEs not only save time and money but also has training manuals that are suited to our type of service for the passengers.

BT: These CCEs were made redundant during the SARS crisis in 2003.


MC said...

At this rate some of us consultants are going to be out of a job.

Hooray CCE !

Anonymous said...

cheapskate division.
just want to keep excess budget for their own bonuses.

they can send ifs, cs or cce to learn how to design curriculum.
let them earn certification so that there is potential alternative
employment when they leave the airline.
But of course they will never allow it.

selfish behaviour by divisional svp.

curriculum design is both art & science. not easy.
but if done with care, technical knowledge, the manual can be
a wonderful material to bring the standards up.

too bad... selfish, narrow minded managers.. guided by selfish mindsets.
this will bring a great airline down... it just takes a while... its already half way

Anonymous said...

selfish behaviour by divisional svp. Anonymous 2 is absolutely right. A former svp had once told a class that he had plans to have all CC endorsed for the all their work done as crew. Nothing happened. Only cared for himself and his career path.

Anonymous said...

Sad that SIA got rid of these talented staff just because of cost. Heard that the manual consultants wanted to charge SGD 10 million but the CCEs did it for free :(

Anonymous said...

Non-graduates do a better job, are grateful and committed to go the extra mile no matter what it takes. What have the consultants like Carlins, Wagner and the likes done for SIA who have paid them millions in management fees?

Anonymous said...

Companies take advantage of tax reliefs.
Training costs can be accounted and deducted as
tax reliefs.
The trick here is that other divisions are quicker to
launch programmes and "chope" the amount.
Cabin crew whole life spend their time hunting
down people to sack, report sick queens etc.

All these years, the managers only learnt how to hunt people
down.. not to develope and yet claim. Dumbos.
But it does not bother them the least. Its not their problem

MC said...

Not all management consultants are bad and not all non graduates are good or committed. Some management consultants are willing to do extra.You just don't know them.

Who do think is behind the success of SIA's main competitors? You don't know because these guys work behind the scene and you only deal with the cabin crew.

Anonymous said...

MC is short for Management Consultant? 600million pounds paid to Virgin Atlantic, another $1billion to Ansett and AirNZ all lost. What is he talking about? Botak had boasted that Ansett was a gem that SIA would like to polish. This MC has forgotten that SIA was able to to be tops in its heyday is because there was very little competition that could pose a threat to SIA then. Just look at the recent net profit announced by QANTAS...over $1.2billion. What does he know?

Ha! Ha! Ha!... said...

The motto is:

"The business can fail.
As long as my desk is still there,
is all that matters, really...
...just blame it on the competition,
and the supervisors who failed to
'go the extra mile..' "

ha! ha! ha! ha!ha! ha!

MC said...

That you shouldn't generalise. Not all of us are bad.

Anonymous said...

Who is generalising? No one should be defending his own mistakes. Botak had labelled SIA employees as dead wood, at a time when we were all doing so well. This was the same leader who was confronted by a woman in the the midst of a press conference on SQ 006. She had demanded to know the details of her relative who was reported killed in the crash. Such confidential information was given to the media from whom she had learnt and yet, such sensitive information had been witheld from her by the company. "Dead wood" is more suitable for his fellow comrades at arms from across the causeway...........stinking free loaders, thieves and liars who will not stop at claiming credit that is not theirs.

MC said...

"..from across the causeway...........stinking free loaders, thieves and liars who will not stop at claiming credit that is not theirs."

If this isn't generalisation,then I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

Some of my sexist encounters was from over the causeway... but then,
I must be generalising...;)

Godfather said...

Sexists exist everywhere
just like feminazis
so learn to deal with it.

No need to ostracize the
entire male species.