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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A blogger's (supposedly an ex stewardess) claims that scare the cabin crew wannabes

 1) Junior eat the last (Not always true but being the most junior one may offer to eat after her colleagues have eaten. In most cases, the senior crew would let/insist the juniors eat first after the services to paxs are over)

2) Junior got to call everyone for breakfast /dinner/ for bonding session ( this was practised during my times and have since stopped many years ago)

3) Junior got to keep checking the toilet.( Again this is untrue. Each stewardess is in charged of the toilets in her area of work).

4) Junior got to answer basically all the call lights.(False because each stewardess will be responsible for the calls in her zone). 

5) Junior cannot eat unless senior has eaten.( Answer same as pt 1 above) 

6) Junior got to listen to everyone instructions .( Stewardesses take instructions from her complex leaders regarding her work)

7) Junior got to be the first to check out the hotel and wait the lobby for everyone.( Not true even during my time)

8) Junior will always be out in the cabin ( It is preferred that all stewardesses be out in the cabin even during off-meal hour to look into/anticipate paxs' needs and comfort rather than staying in the galleys and chit chat)
9) Junior cannot sit in the galley unless given permission (In the first place no crew is supposed to rest/sit in the galley as they are supposed to be in the cabin. On long flights, crew are allowed to rest in the bunks for 3 hours)

10) Junior got to collect tips for the luggage from every crew including the tech crew." ( This was a practise in the early days but not now. However, any crew may volunteer to collect tips for the coach drivers and hotel porters)

The above was written by supposedly ex SIA stewardess in her blog (I won't give anyone the link). One of the cabin crew wannabes came across her blog and was terrified of the things written in the blog. She asked me whether they were true. I reassured the wannabe that all those things written by the blogger were not true or not practised anymore.
Do you know that these days the seniors are more afraid of the juniors because they dare to complain to the bosses in the office about their seniors? Don't believe me then ask the seniors.

BT: My replies are in red.


Angela said...

Hi Mr BT, I'm glad that you clarified all these myths that are scaring the aspiring cabin crew.

Mind if I ask, during certain training exercise, would the trainees be required to wear a swimsuit? If so can we choose the swimsuit etc? Was asking due to the fact that I have a scar at back middle part of my back and was wondering if they'll penalized and pull me out if I were to proceed towards the SCT upon acing the interviews. Thank you.

Boh Tong said...

Angela..they will provide u clothing which will cover that part of your body.

Anonymous said...

Maybe all those things the former stewardess alleged were prevalent during her time.There may be a long gap between the time she last worked in the industry and the time she blogged about it so by the time she blogged about it,those things didn't happen anymore.So technically she wasn't exaggerating.

I've heard about the things she alleged from a university friend who was a former steward at a rival airline.There were other things of course but I won't mention them here.

Anonymous said...

Quite a long blog to read and BT must have devoted much time to post his remarks. It suffices me to add that a crew must be in each respective cabin at all times for paxs needs. This applies particulary after take off when the Fasten Seat Belt signs are switched off. Stewardesses are required to be in the cabin to render assistance to paxs such as mothers with infants, filling up immigration forms, helping invalids and so on. The presence of crew in the cabin leaves a good impression of our inflight service at all times. Very often, most crew vanish into the galleys.

Anonymous said...

7.Junior got to be the first to check out the hotel and wait the lobby for everyone
This is still instilled by trainers in stc to all newbies.

10.Junior got to collect tips for the luggage from every crew including the tech crew.
tipping part is still true

Anonymous said...

Cheap labour.70% voted for this.

Anonymous said...

I think BT should just retire and not correct the claims of the Stewardess. From my knowledge her claims are true today. Junior still get bullied in the airline, and if not for the contractual bond many would resign early

Anonymous said...

1. Not true. However, meal choices are offered to senior crew.
2. No longer practiced.
3. Toilet check is everyone's duty. However, some senior crew don't check them.
4. Untrue. Whoever is "free" answers the call light. If a junior steward/stewardess is busy, someone else would have to answer the call. Even if he/she is the IFS/CS/LS. But of course, some senior crew are lazy to even walk out of the galley.
5. Completely untrue but sometimes we practice the habit of taking turns to eat and offer the senior to eat first.
6. Indeed, leader's instructions.
7/8/9. Completely untrue.
10. It is still practiced. Even some junior stewardesses who are higher up in the list expects the most junior to collect which is ridiculous but I have flights where only leadings brought their cargo bag (eg. AUS flights) and they collect among themselves because if none of the junior crew brought cargo, why should they collect?

Anonymous said...

No wonder many don't stay long
and the few who do only do
so out of desperation.
What an awful place to work!

Oppression of junior crew
by senior crew.