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Monday, 26 September 2016

Compensate the crew for stopping at outstations

Night stopping at overseas station is no longer fun nor safe for the crew. Besides the possibility of getting mugged there is now the terrorist threats. Terrorist had used tactics like shooting people indiscriminately in shopping malls, using vehicles to ram into people in crowded places, bombing and using explosives to kill or maim as many as possible.
What the crew should do is to ask the company to pay them a sort of a "security risk" allowance when they stopped at outstations.
What do you all think huh?


Anonymous said...

Yes, crew should resign and be land based waiters, waitreses, and taxi Drivers .... much safer and can live to a ripe old age !

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior:
Mr BT, coy will say balls to us,
you dont want to fly, many thousands of wannabes from SEA wanna fly.
Plan for own future better :))

Demanding crew said...

Who cares about what a bunch of
simple minded peasants thinks?
Dun wanna fly,dun fly!
We just bring in more FTs.

Mike Lim said...

Dear Mr. Luke,

I thought the Union, in its attempt to overcome the high attrition rate among those who have completed the compulsory bond period, so in the new salary scheme, there is no stopover allowances and IFA. This is to ensure fairness and equality in the pay, as most would want to do stopover flights as they would have a higher take home salary.

So, if SIA was to introduce a special allowance for the risk aspects that you've mentioned. Then, it would affect the new salary scheme, I believe. So, probably it wouldn't be a good idea.

By the way, Mr. Luke, there was a post which you've mentioned that a retired CC had a take home salary of $6,000. Is that true? Even after working until retirement? I was under the impression that the current fresh entry CC already has about $4,500 take home salary. How would one who has worked for so many years still only take home $6,000 per month? Could you please elaborate based on your experience about the salary increment of a CC for the benefit of other aspiring CC reading your blog?

Thank you. Mr. Luke.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

I cant even recognize the airlines now with the amt of foreign crew...
actually i am curious , how coy can hire so much foreigner? I tot there is a quota or something ? how many FT you can hire per singaporean employee?

Anonymous said...

It is very simple.

Singapore isn't producing enough talent for the industry because the country itself is very small.So it has no choice but to bring in foreigners.Officially,Singapore may be a country but in reality,it is the size of some State next door.Our talent pool is small and given recent airline disasters and slow economy,it has become even harder to attract locals to join the industry! Secondly,by having foreigners as part of the crew,we are hoping to get more to fly with us because some passengers prefer to be served by their own people.Our market is small unlike Malaysia and Indonesia or the far east,so we need crew from there.The only airlines that need not hire foreigners are MAS and Air Asia (Malaysia) because they have more than 20 million to choose from.Lastly,SIA without foreigners won't be SIA,hence the word "International" in between.

Anonymous said...

The basic salaries for the different ranks are not very far apart.
Hence the incentive for seniors is to have a different rate in flying hours.

The seniors do not earn very much when compared to people outside
who have been working the same number of years. There is a glass ceiling.
The brain power is also very different. Writing reports in digital devices
takes away spelling errors, and the problem solving skills is not always required.
In most instances, a template is used to solve the issue. Over 50 years of aviation,
what are the issues faced on board? no choice of main course?, no special diet meal supplied, no water?, no doctors on board?, fighting among crew? pax arguing with each other on seat backs? crying babies?. no sound? too hot? too cold?.. coffee tastes yucks?

CPU power is predictable. therefore pay is limited.

Anyway, this employer rewards by way of employment extensions for seniors.
And the employees know their true worth.. otherwise many would be using CC just as a stepping stone for greener pastures. Those who stay know what they are really worth.

Anonymous said...

The days of wine and roses are over. BT and the likes had the best of the golden years. Young graduates today should not get involved in flying as a career. The future lies in digital technology, socio-media, robotics and arttificial intelligence. Some law firms here are seriously looking into the possibility of applying AI in managing their filing and documentation systems. Too many man hours are spent in retreiving files and cases. This is wasteful, frustraing and does not auger well for the future. Driverless cars and taxis will make their mark on our roads soon. The amber lights are flashing.

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

I beg to differ that Singapore isnt producing enough talents.
My observation is local crew attrition rate is higher than those of the foreign crew.
We all know why , because of exchange rate advantage, SEA crew like malaysia and , Thai and indonesian crew can survive...while the local crew is finding it difficult to survive.
If not the JFSS wont be leaving in big numbers for past few mths. Why? Because the pay does not justify already.....

Anonymous said...

6k for klkk cbl and still kp not enough? U think those O levels and diploma will get more for 12h work day. 5.5 days a week?

JFSS defender said...

Maybe they leave because
they can't stand seniors
like you.

Junko Sankok said...

Yah!... better kick all the Japanese Supervisors out!
They are "seniors" too!
Everyone should be just under 5 years!
No one allowed to remain employed beyond one 5 year term!

Then no more seniors to worry abouT!
Good Yah??!!

Juniors can work anywhere.. becos the younger generation is
far smarter, far more skilled, far more intelligent and can
work anywhere from First, Business or economy... no sweat lah!

Lets have a Flat organisation... no rank, no seniority...
Any molest,harrasment becomes police case.. not the company's problem.
Between two parties.

Anonymous said...

I am still flying as I only have O levels and continue to keep my mouth shut as I know O levels will get me nowhere in current job market. I wont ask for terrorist allowance. I am grateful for my 6k klkk cbl job

Anonymous said...

Find a rich man in Biz.

Anonymous said...

On Junko Sankok's comments. Are seniors really a problem that is so serious that they must be kicked out? How do the seniors in Japan work with the young generation then? Opinion is one thing, working together is another. Icidentally, the oldest grey reemployed retiree in Japan is still working at 104 years old. Mutual respect and co-existence are crucial in any organisation. The flat organisation idea is not likely to work in SIA as rank and file has been around since it began operations decades ago.

Anonymous said...

Flat organisation structure suits Airasia not SIA.

Anonymous said...

SIA pays crew a meal allowance based on the menu of the hotel they stay in. There's no need for them to go out. So when crew choose to go out why should SIA pay them extra?

Geraldine C said...

Hi Luke

I'm your long-time reader. Finally decided to comment.

Here is what I keep reading your blog -
1) Your cabin crew stories
2) Starting discussions with latest happenings in SQ
3) Shares / investment (Hope you can write more on 3 as you have been quite quiet in this recently.)

Thank you Luke for sharing your experience with us. Not often you find such a personal yet insightful blog.

Terminated sour grapes said...

SIA is not Japan.
But CC is heavily indebted to Japan, Korea, Taiwan to allow
their citizens to work for SQ.

any of these elite group of gals, can cause
great disruptions.

CC will do anything to preserve this elitist group.
They have their own supervisors ( sama-sama citizen of course )
They have their own rosters
They have their own cultures, practices.. no one can tell them off.
Not even the IFS. Only their supervisors have any influence.

This reflects the attitude towards people who are not their own kind.
Under the guise of " its better (??) for these girls to be supervised by their own
nationalities ..."

In Japan,Korea the elders are treated differently.. their societies are homogeneous.
Seniors here are viewed as :

- stubborn
- unchangeable
- expensive
- ineffective
- argumentative

Basically, seniors are rubbish, occupy space ( therefore juniors cant move up )
and pain in the neck problematic employees... better to rid them asap or at the earliest
opportunity. ( be it medical, discipline, age.. but discipline is the easiest.. hair long/ short, weight too heavy / skinny. non adherence to regulations, policies, procedures... just pick any one.)

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the Taiwanese
stewardess as they're prettier
than some of our locals.
Some of our girls look chubby
in their kebaya.

Anonymous said...

Not true. Many seniors have been passed over for promotion with juniors moving upwards. Senior crew today are working under fear of being reported by the new crew. What is the UFS for? Sadly, there are senior crew had retired unpromoted while many youngsters got promoted ahead of them. A good number of seniors who left on their own became better off with some making it to the ranks of CEO, lawyers, directors, business men and millionaires.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Become ceo, lawyers and millionaires er.

Anonymous said...

And become rich tai tai like Jamie C.