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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Crew were reminded to move in groups

Following the case of the steward who was harassed at JNB, the hotel has agreed with the airline to position some plainclothes security personnel along the street to the shopping mall.
Free shuttles will also be provided for crew to shopping mall and vv.
Some other airlines crew who also stayed at the same hotel with the SIA crew were asked not to give away freebies to the people there. The actions of the crew had attracted many people, some undesirable ones to the vicinity of the hotel.
A reminder has been sent to the crew to move in groups of at least 3 people to deter would be robbers from mugging them.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the robber noticed the steward's Franck Muller wristwatch.

Cat said...

Hello Boh Tong

Can I ask what free gifts do crew give to the public there? Curious.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Playing cards and pens

Anonymous said...

If cute free gift like MAS pilot Parker bear,then I don't mind.