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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Had coffee with my ex-manager

Was at a shopping mall and happened to bump into my former manager. He is about 79 years old but looked much older than his age. We shook hands and exchanged greetings.
We ordered coffee and he insisted on paying for it. All he wanted me to do was to carry the 2 cups of coffee and place them on our table (it was self service). He told me he had balancing issue.
We chatted for about an hour. He had lost his wife a few years ago and is living alone. He has a partime maid who would visit him once or twice a week to clean his apartment.
The poor fellow told me he had a heart attack and underwent heart bypass surgery. He showed me his hearing aid which he needed badly.
Frankly speaking, this fellow and I were not best of friends. Friends is not the word I should use. Rather, we were colleagues or put it this way, he was my boss.
After a second cup of coffee, we parted company promising to "keep in touch" with each other. 


Anonymous said...

Jesudasen? Sim Kay Wee? Chew Tai Lu? Choo Poh Leong?

Robert P said...

He was Cris Lee

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you wished
you hadn't seen him
after all this time.

SG is small so the chances
of bumping into someone
you know is very high.

Anonymous said...

Amazing both could identify each other.
Usually, age distorts the body shape, face, posture.
Unless you looked very hard, almost staring.

Management staff I will usually ignore.. even if I recognise
them. Their values differs 180 degrees from graded staff.
Their pursuits are different too.
And despite being retired for decades, their allegiance to their
office holds steadfast. Ego, and pride stand strong.
None will confess to mistakes or misjudgements.
Their best pals should nominate them for sainthood.

But aging is such a equaliser... yay!

Anonymous said...

Does not sound like Chris Lee. He was a former Director of CC, not manager.

Anonymous said...

Not too difficult to make out who this person is. His age, plus his condition described by BT speaks volumes.

Baby g said...

Better not mention names or
else uncle BT might get into trouble.

Anonymous said...

Who ah? Please tell leh


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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