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Sunday, 18 September 2016

I don't want to be a part of it, New York, New York

Being a crew isn't as fun or safe anymore. You stop at places in the USA or Europe where terrorism abound. So far so good that none of our crew were hurt or killed as a result of terrorist acts. It happened in Paris, Brussels, London,Istanbul and just last night New York.
If it isn't terrorism, it is stroke, heart attack, cancer etc that beset our senior crew or ex crew. Flying is actually bad for the health in the long run. Flying and working through different time zones as well as sleep deprivation add to the problem. Just over the last two days, I have received news that a retired inflight supervisor and an ex-cabin crew executive who had flown for 30 years are now
seriously ill. The former had a stroke and the latter cancer. We hardly find our crew or retired crew living beyond 70 years.
The video below is from a crew who was in the New York last night when the bomb blast occurred.


Anonymous said...

Dun blame d job or company but blame lifestyle and poor diet for getting sick and not living until 70.

Do the following in moderation:-
2.drinking with multiple partners
5.smoking networking

If you do the above in moderation,you will live longer and serve the passengers better.

Silly crew always blaming everyone but themselves for their misfortune.

Judge said...

What about you? Not a crew?

Anonymous said...

Eddie Ang
AT Chiang
Robbert Sng
William Yeo

all going strong.. who say cant go past 70?
stroke it a little more and it will go beyond 80mm
(hee! hee!..)

Justice Bao said...

Hypocrite,say don't do but do.

Mike Lim said...

Hi Mr. Luke,

Would you agree if I say that our lives are pre-destined by some unknown power?

Regardless of where we are, what we do, even if we stay at home, we might end up leaving this world permanently due to an accident or illness or other reasons.

Personally, I love flying, and I am envious when I see cabin crews at work. I wouldn't think that the increasing terrorist threat puts more cabin crews/flight crews in danger.

We should probably just enjoy our lives.

A few years ago, I managed to speak to a captain. He told me that some Malaysian crew had a layover in an eastern European country. The whole crew went to a restaurant to have lunch. All of the sudden, they heard firecrackers sound, just like the red long firecrackers we have in Chinese New Year.

The Malaysian crews all stood up, looking left and right asking "What's that, what's going on?" Looking around, they noticed everyone else dived under the dining tables instead. Only then, they lowered down on to the floor.

It was a robber who fired a few rounds into the ceiling. An internal psychological assessment found that because we are not use to such incidents in our society, the Malaysian crews did not respond to a surprise as a threat like the eastern European people.

They could've lost their lives that day but none was hurt. Probably, regardless of whether a person is a crew or not, all of us just need to be more vigilant with our surrounding to protect ourselves. However, we should not perceive that our career, whatever it maybe would increase our risk tremendously.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Disagree with no.3 above.

Anonymous said...

RP, John Chan, P Chong, OngLH, Dorothy De Silva, Jane Har, Doreen Thio, Lim HS, Woodford, JohnLee, Tony Loh, BJ Toh/Kuan, Jimmy Chng, KBTan.......past 70. Any more?

Anonymous said...

U forgot uncle BT.

Anonymous said...

RP, J Chan and the lot did NOT fly long enough. They flew for a few years and then worked in the office. We are talking of IFS and CS who flew for at least 30 years.
Uncle BT was also an office worker and flew once a while. There may be exception but not many though.

Anonymous said...

Oic.Wah can still be supervisor in the 50s,assuming start at 21?If male ok but if female,old leh.Thought uncle flew for 30 years,no wonder look younger than his peers.

Anonymous said...

If you do not take care of your diet, exercise, flying will age
you very quickly.. at least in physical appearance.
All the make up is pure cosmetics. Look at her without the
face powder, hair coiffured and its not only plain Jane... it can
be Hantu. Even Hantu will run away.

They take care of their hands with litres of hand lotions though.
Notice how, at least, 1 FSS will be fiddling around looking for a tube
of lotion during the bus ride or waiting at the hotel lobby?
May be good for hand-jobs have to close your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Good health comes from within each of us and it is our sacred duty to look after ourselves and the environment. In our pursuit of the good life and so-called keeping up with the Joneses, many have fallen wayward consuming alcohol, smoking excessively, living on fast food, late nights and fallen from grace. So sad to see so many of these young crew who had started out with such good and appealing looks and gotten worse off after some years at 35000 feet.

Anonymous said...

But I see a few in their 40s (supervisor)
still look young after flying 25 years.
Maybe the gen y FSS not as health conscious.

Anonymous said...

Y must close the eyes???