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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Leading stewardess kicked a fuss at a here


Anonymous said...

Better not be Malaysian.Malulah.

Anonymous said...

This type of attitude has been cultivated
by CC division. They create the aura that
YOU ( particularly those below 1 year ) are
special. Unique qualities, selected few.

Then, when you get promoted, the same unique
aura is being presented.. " difficult to get
to the interview, you know..!"

Managers and CCE have to share the accountability.
But they always use the same method: chop the chicken's
leg, let it loose to run around the compound.
Even the cocks dare not utter a sound after watching all
that blood dripping.

Very easy to manage CC.. just follow Machiavelli's style.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a spoilt strawberry seeking attention. No cabin crew is entitled to reserve a room. It would have made a difference if she had requested the hotel reception during check-in, discreetly.

Smart voter said...

Not sure how strict is SQ but some companies
will get rid of employees who bring
their company into disrepute.

And some wonder why they're called
overrated Kebaya wearing waitresses.

Send her to NS boot camp.Its time
to make it compulsory for girls.

Anonymous said...

Since when cabin crew of Singapore Airlines become so demanding? When I was a crew with SIA, never was I been told that we can request specific room with some special amenities, what wrong with all these stewardesses/stewards with SQ now, when you fly EY class, some of the cabin crew really brings their mood to work, just got one set of crew on my recent SQ974 flight to BKK, ask for a gin tonic, have to press for call button thrice times, when they served you that drink, simply put on a "Si Peh Boey Song"look, come on, we are all commercial passengers not travelling on sub-load tickets, doubt we deserved such a treatment, no wonder many people say SQ is loosing it appeal now!
Wake up SVP of Cabin Crew Div!!!!

Anonymous said...

When exactly were you with SIA....70s? Having to press 3 times is normal for Economy.If you want faster response,fly Biz or some middle Eastern airline.Pity the stewardess,all stressed due to demanding passengers like you. The girls are not robots.They're always misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

Take flight must drink lj gin tonic ah? Cant drink water or oj? Typical gian png sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Now GREEN behaving this way
so next time wear PURPLE

From GREEN monster to
PURPLE ribena berry maybe.

People change.

Anonymous said...

To have a fair statement, passenger willing to fork out $428 or more for a set of ticket to BKK, requesting a glass of gin tonic, I doubt he/she is "Gian Png", after all SQ is a premium carrier.

Anonymous said...

Ayo why bring nationality in,everywhere also got this type of people.But gin tonic..

Return our CPF said...

Crazy FT detected.
Fire her for
embarrassing SIA.

Anonymous said...

Standard going down.

Anonymous said...

Management needs to take note of
the passenger's complaint here
as this was fairly recent.

Anonymous said...

This is what the management wants. They recruited them. They trained them and they promoted them. This is only the beginning of strawberry gen supervisor. More to come......

Anonymous said...

Old ideas, doctrines archaic methods need to be thrown out of the window. Just look at what QANTAS has achieved. CEO Alan Joyce carried out a thorough reorganisation and staff audit. Many employees faced the axe. This led to a trim work force and clean inventory. QANTAS recently reported its net profit at over AUD1.3 billion. Employees who had volunteered to have their pay rise foregone were fully compensated.

Former CEO Geoff Dixon played a major role in putting the buiding blocks for Alan Joyce to follow through. He had spent many years in the travel agency business and does not have a degree. Swissair and JAL have bounced back from bankruptcy and remerged stronger.

QANTAS theme is " Spirit of Australia. " Only a fraction of its employees are foreigners. Shareholders were paid an extra share dividend as well.

Anonymous said...

Australia is a continent by itself so they have enough people so they don't have to hire FTs whereas Singapore is much too small hence the need for FTs.As a result, you can't have a "Spirit of Singapore" like the Spirit of Australia you see at Qantas.SIA needs FTs to survive because the domestic talent pool is small and certain nationalities prefer to be served by their own people.

Anyway,despite recording profits,they won't do well in the long run because the future is budget carriers and Middle Eastern Airlines. The best business model to follow is still AirAsia next door. Read what Tony said to the Economist about how he started and his company's culture and values. It is an absolute must for young ambitious types.

Anonymous said...

Australia has always been a continent in its entire history. Time and again, it has bounced back. The Air Asia story may sound impressive albeit is not the one and only story worthy of publication. Other past stories of budget carriers are Aerofloat and Laker Airways which did not last very long. The attitude of Malaysian workers can be summed up in two words : tidak apa. Herein lies the problem to Air Asia. Taking short cuts, shoddy workmanship, submitting claims for work undone and taking credit that is not theirs are some of their bad habits.

Travellers must not be conned by the temptation of cheap fares. Never forget that air safety must never be compromised. QANTAS has collected many awards for their safety record.

Anonymous said...

Not all Malaysians are lax and not all Singaporeans are good at their job.Stop generalizing!

Just because it is a budget carrier it doesn't mean that safety is compromised.Likewise,a non budget carrier can also have safety issues and SIA is no exception as we've seen over the years. Not all Malaysians at SIA are as you described,be it tech or cabin crew.

By the way,Malaysians help build this country too so show a little gratitude will you.