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Friday, 30 September 2016

Something's burning so aircraft turned back

Paxs and cabin crew smelled something burning at the rear of the a/c. Flight deck crew was alerted to the smell and a/c was turned back to the gate for a check up. It was a Male flight.
The ground engineers traced the smell and found the rear cabin oven wiring burnt.
Some repair work was done and the flight took off without any hitch.


Anonymous said...

Things are falling apart like Smrt,lifts,HDB damage etc.Swiss standard of living.

Jarrett Wright said...

What is a 'male flight'?

Anonymous said...

Male flight = Flight to Maldives

Anonymous said...

Male is a place.

Anonymous said...

sq crew always vigilant good
sense of situational awareness

Anonymous said...

Nah just pure luck! Their time will come.