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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Special Early Retirement for workers 50 years and older

I have been corrected on the above and given a more accurate version.
The Special Early Retirement scheme is a newly introduced scheme. Singapore based general staff and admin officers aged 50 and above with at least 25 years of continuous service may apply.
This scheme pays the staff:
20 months salary at age between 50 and 51
19 months at age between 52 and 53
18 months at age between 54 and 55
17 months at age between 56 and 57
16 months at age between 58 and 59
12 months at age 60
6 months at age   61
3 months at age 61.5

Additionally, the staff and spouses will be given free travel once a year plus 2 discounted travel each for 10 years.

The reason for the SERS is NOT because of downsizing or cost cutting but to give the staff an opportunity to leave with a lump sum of money and to start a second career if they choose to.

 SERS does not apply to cabin crew.


Anonymous said...

BT don't listen to the management crap. You changed your story because they must have threatened you. The truth is they are preparing for a big retrenchment in case ZIKA becomes a scourge.

Boh Tong said...

The latest info was from a friend who is working in the office. It is not true I was threatened.

Anonymous said...

I still stand by what I said in the post you deleted along with all our comments.

Leave because things will only get worse with fewer people flying.

If something as large as a turtle can sneak in then so can a mosquito.

Anonymous said...

The latest postings by on Zika along with the Elected President are solid reading material. A writer by the name of Maurice de Vaz had published a letter to the Forum on the EP yeserday.

Intelligent voter said...

This is another solid material on SDP and Zika.