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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The annual SEP recurrent course for crew

Every year the crew has got to do their SEP (Safety Equipment Procedure) recurrent course. It's a 2 day refresher course for the operating crew. At the end of the refresher course, the crew would have to sit for an exam and this includes first aid. Those who failed are not allowed to fly.
The course is stressful to many and it also involves in jumping into the pool from the aircraft (a mock up). Every crew has to slide down from the aircraft via an inflated slide. This is quite dangerous as some crew had fractured their legs while jumping. There is also a refresher on the use of the fire extinguishers and one has to demonstrate the ability to fight fire.

Today, a leading steward suffered a heart attack while undergoing the course. I am not surprise at all as it's quite stressful and tiring.
Heard that he was sent to a hospital nearby. Pray nothing serious has happened to him.


Anonymous said...

Lol. SEP with all the questions and answers in Skies quiz is stressful? Doubt you guys can ever make it outside if you cant even handle a 2 days SEP. Even a secondary school kid can pass with flying colors

Anonymous said...

I hope it's nothing serious. I remember when I fractured my left fibula a few years ago and was out of work for a month. Physiotherapy and strict diet helped.

Anonymous said...

Wish this crew a speedy recovery. It is not an easy task to associate the stress level at SEP sessions to her heart condition.

Anonymous said...

If you guys can withstand all that
military training then this
one should be no problem right?

Anonymous said...

Never encountered such an incident before. The recurrent exercise is a requirement for all flight crew. An incident of this kind will need to be examined on its own merits.

Anlene said...

you mean girls also? pity the stewardess as women tend to have more brittle bones.
no needlah. exempt the stewardess just like national service exempt SG girls.

Anonymous said...

Exempt the girls? In that case if aircraft crash land or ditching, ask them stay inside and wait to burn in hell or drown lor as they dunno how to jump or rather had been 'exempted'.

Anonymous said...

Her?thought male?LS

Anonymous said...

Exempting the girls will mean that flights will be manned by an all male crew complement. Is this what we want?

Naughty girl said...

It's raining men alleluia ;)
No stewardess serving me yay!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LS heart attack? what's his BMI

lau-chiauw said...

It is stressfull because its never practiced on board.
Each & every flight, its drinks, meal, sales and repeat.

For all crew, the service is paramount and they can do it
with little stress. But ask them to extract a fire extinguisher or oxygen bottle, its
pure panic. Even returning the equipment to their original location and securing them
is stressfull. Ask them to dismount the Doctors' Kit and defibrillator can send them
into a stupor. On arrival they can report sick.

The average crew will probably not experience any emergency ( medical or flight )over a 5 year period. And that is why when it comes to recurrent SEP validation, they stress out.

They could construct an overhead bin with actual height fitted with a doctors' kit etc
This will help crew get used to stretching and removing bags just to extract the kit.
Crew are very unfit when they need to contort their bodies.

Heart attack during recurrent SEP?.. now thats a real test!
Best wishes to the LS..

Anonymous said...

Even without exemption how useful
will the girls be during evacuation
when their uniform itself is impractical?

Question:Who CANNOT run easily during evacuation

A.AirAsia stewardess
B.Emirates stewardess
C.SIA stewardess
D.United Airlines stewardess
E.None of the above

Answer: C. SIA stewardess

Anonymous said...

Aiyo..of all the other Airlines stewardesses,the one that's able to run very fast will be SIA girls,as they were told to lift up their sarong to tie around their waist in a knob,during emergency.The other Airlines' girls have to strip to their panties,in order to run fast as their skirts are tight

Anonymous said...

....but if they tie their sarong then their panty can be seen too,not that the male passengers would mind except it would be hard for them to focus :)

By the way,you can run in a skirt.Remember the heroine South Korean stewardess in the Asiana crash ?

SIA said...

Anonymous said...

It would be most helpful if crew were to make it a point to read their SEP manuals at least one a month. Most of us read the newspapers daily, so what is the issue here?

Anonymous said...

Read once a month?

Bloody hell!..
Just trying to update the manual with all
these "bulletins" can make your mind go koo-koo:

" ... remove page 22, replace with page 22a"

".....insert ' fasten seat-belt sign' ammendment BEFORE page 22"

"..... delete the word: 'must' and replace with 'should' on line # 16 on page 36

You do lah!

Anonymous said...

What newspaper?I only read the
one online not the
conventional one.