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Friday, 2 September 2016

They helped the airline "save" cost

There was a time whenever a cabin crew was warded in the hospital, he or she would be placed in the first class ward courtesy of the company.
One day, the chairman was visiting his friend in the hospital and a steward (steward was in the first class ward)on recognising the chairman went up to him and thanked him for the company's generosity. The steward was trying to express his gratitude for being able to stay in the first class ward. (not sure he was grateful or trying to curry favour the chairman)
The next morning the svp of HR received a call from the chairman. The svp was asked to explain why would a steward be warded in the first class and not in a lower class ward.
From that day, cabin crew was not entitled to the first class ward.

The following was another story which showed how ignorant or naive the crew was. The ceo was on the flight and he asked the crew how long was the nightstop in Bombay. The nightstop was 4 days but the crew told the ceo that the place was boring.
The svp of cabin crew was asked by the ceo to curtail the nightstop in Bombay since the crew found the place boring. (lesser days at a station meant less income/allowances for the crew)

This is quite a similar story. When we started flying the B747, there were 23 cabin crew on each London flight. Again, the crew told the Chairman who was travelling with them that 18 crew would suffice.
The company obliged and rostered 18 crew on all London flights.


Fit and proper said...

SIA's operating costs is high so they have to try to save where possible.A first class ward is not necessary in the circumstance.SIA is also very conservative unlike some airlines so the crew should be wary when giving their opinions to the senior management.The less said the better.

Anonymous said...

Never ever say anything to anyone at management level.
From Inflight Auditors and above... in fact with anyone sitting at a desk
at STC... regardless of role and rank.

Anonymous said...

The company does not act on a comment by a junior employee. SIA cannot suddenly reduce the night stop in Bombay from 4 days to 1 day because of a crew complaint. It was because of increase in flight frequency. More flights per week mean shorter stay.

Anonymous said...

A340 7days
Vienna crew
also complain
boring lah ex
pensive lah :(

Anonymous said...

crew hotel in LA fr '92
Marriott Marina Del Ray
near spore express joint
Westin Century City / body
Embassy Suite / free bfast
Furama Hotel next to Ralph's
Biltmore downtown LA / haunted
jr crew complained cic tapau yos
hinoya beef rice otw to the hotel
Hilton Anaheim / next to Disneys
Doubletree by Hilton / free cookies

Anonymous said...

Those who complain about flights being boring or too long should look for alternative jobs. There are ample vacant chairs in the office waiting to be filled.
Flying is a job that requires crew to travel to differnt destinations. It is a never ending journey.

Anonymous said...

Long flights and layovers provide money for expenditure and enable all crew to formulate their own savings plan.

Bulls fan said...

Hilton Anaheim? Lousy

Chicago's got better hotels

Anonymous said...

8,000 crew = 8,000 different views and motivation.
but 1 rottan required only... sack!

suddenly, all 8,000 have exactly same view points.

Magical, pure magic... works every time.