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Saturday, 1 October 2016

SPPS pax resort to name calling when request not met

On a recent day flight from OSA to SIN (flying time about 6 hours 40 mins), 2 frequent flyers paxs in the JCL asked the crew to serve them 2 hours before touchdown. The practice is for the meal to be served about 4 hours before arrival. (MOD or Meal On Demand is only applicable to First Class over 4 hour flight time)
It was almost a full load in the JCL. When the paxs' request was turned down by the CIC (Crew-in-Charge), one of them was upset. He wrote a complaint and asked the CIC to sign it. The CIC refused and the pax called him a "liar" and said the CIC "had no integrity".

Here is my take on the issue:

  • The CIC could have been flexible and acceded to the paxs' request since it was a 6 hour plus flight and involved only 1 meal service. Moreover these 2 were SPPS paxs. However,according to the book, the CIC was not wrong to turn down the paxs' request for MOD.
  • The pax should not be upset and resort to name calling.


Pity the crew on duty said...

Singaporean passengers are not easy to serve,like those from
China,India and the Middle East.

Even crew from neighbouring airlines
dislike Singaporean passengers.

Strong sense of entitlement,product of kiasu upbringing.

Amazingly though,they behave well on Western airlines.

Anonymous said...

pap govt to
be blamed!

Anonymous said...

They better behave on western airlines or else the western cabin crew will fcuk them if necessary! Our cabin crew are all pussies, esp the bapok stewards..

Anonymous said...

Never hire Pink Dotters.

Anonymous said...

There are only 2 states that JCL pax can be in.

B)Not Happy

The Happy state is pure luck and has nothing to do with
what happens on board.

The Not Happy state is pure bad luck and has EVERYTHING
to do what happens on board.

Nothing you can do to switch between the 2 states.

Disgusted! said...

The comments were negative and childish. They must have been contributed
by the cabin crew of SIA.

Anonymous said...

The cic should be retired. One meal servicev sector and yet cannot oblige a spps pax? SQ should have a relook at the way it promotes its crew.

Anonymous said...

Happy state?But sinkie peasants are never Happy and are constantly complaining like the auntie in the smrt.Sinkies either complain in the air or on the ground.That's why we have a "complaints corner" at the park to rant.

Mike Lim said...

Dear Mr. Luke,

Interesting scenario.
Since it was not wrong for the CIC to turn the request down and the pax wrote a complaint against the CIC, why not accept the complaint?
I would be inclined to stand on what is correct and allow the complaint to go through just to let the pax understand that there was nothing against the pax personally but just a matter of following the book.
Maybe then the pax would understand better.

Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Nimpeh will not entertain all these cb sinkies' requests. When they tell this to nimpeh to eat later when nimpeh doing meal svc, nimpeh just dump their trays or whole set jcl meal on their table and say nimpeh leave your meal here, yo can choose what time you want to eat. Anything just write a nice VR to cover your ass afterwards as taught in STC.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah so much WAYANG from SIA cabin crew.
Cry babies.Want everything 2b easy.

LKY would not approve.Just ask Captain Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Majority of PPS had filled their stomachs in the SKL(Silver Kris Lounge)and were too full to eat after take off.
Therefore the yau kwee(greedy)one,would wish to eat before landing.
As a reminder: Aircarft food are the most unhealthy,with 30% more salt and sugar,in order to taste good on board the plane!

Anonymous said...

Stupid passengers.try flying First or Business using their own money!
Company pays for their ticket but the passenger gets the name.
The crew is not slave and got feelings.Cheee Bye SPps.

boycar said...

It would be good to have a CCE or AM or Manager on board
this particular flight to set a standard and provide a demonstration.

Otherwise, issuing circulars, letters, is not different from being\
a keyboard warrior.

IFS, CS, LS or crew are mere slaves to do perform menial tasks.
Thinking & exercising initiatives and flexibilities is talk only.
Putting it into action is very dangerous to career...

Mai-keh-khiang is the hidden term of successful crew.

Anonymous said...

The SPPS' ego must have been shattered when the CIC refused to initial on their letter of complaint. Not an easy pill for them to swallow. It does not buy them the right to resort to name calling. At the same time, no harm in acceding to their request. A zest of humour and some laughter could have pre-empted the complaint.

Hungry ghost SpPs said...

Please name and shame the SpPs.
Hungry ghost.Who eats plane food?
Eww MSG. Confirmed Sinkie.

Anonymous said...

Better to have deal with passengers eating like pigs than these rowdy guys (click link).

Anonymous said...

Lately seen many dumb CIC.Just serve everything on one tray and that's it.Ego problem!

Real Thing... said...

The demands of travellers now days...sigh

Not satisfied with seat, food, entertainment..
Its just another form of transport.

What does one expect from a crew?
The minimum academic qualification is 3 'O' levels.
( some years back it was completed secondary school )

Just because they are groomed to appear neat and professional
does not mean they are knowledgeable, articulate, or care very much
about your feelings. Why should they?

They are paid much more than waiters only because they have no
where to go while at their place of work: 36,000ft above sea level.
They cannot go and have a smoke, buy food that they like or watch a movie
in between shifts.

So, please... board the plane, stow your bags quickly, sit down,
switch your phone to airplane mode, review the exit locations,
close your eyes and be quiet.

Dont bother them with a request for the newspapers, magazines or who the f__k
is the Capatain, or the flight time.

Really, its so passe to go round behaving like some idiot in this day & age.

"have my meal later.."... ??? what the f_ _ck??? Your private plane?

Maybe give you a shampoo and head massage while you work up an appetite?
or how about polish your cheap plastic shoes?

Anonymous said...

"The CIC could have been flexible". It was such flexibility in the past that created such monsters.

Mark smith said...
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