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Sunday, 9 October 2016

I am impressed with these two...

A few nights ago, I visited a restaurant and found 2 ex-IFS were working over there. They were most likely in their early 60s. They recognised me and came to my table to chat for a while. The place was very crowded and so they were very busy.
Frankly, I think their employer gain a lot by employing these 2 former supervisors from SQ. I was there for quite a while and observed that they were prompt and friendly in giving their services to the customers. They were better than their younger colleagues in many ways. I gave them a pat on their back and even left a small tip for them.
So, as you can see, not all ex or retired IFS drive taxis/Uber. They can work elsewhere too and at the same time efficient and professional. Their age is not an issue. However, to get them working for you is another thing as most are quite comfortable in their retirement, financially speaking.


Anonymous said...

Can tip off where. I want to be served by them.Nice to see them work ing and better and nicer not unlike on board,they king of the cabin,write good check only on Girls with the "like". It is happy crab?

Anonymous said...

Not Happy Crab. It is Indochine at HV

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What else can old foggies do? Drive cab, security, waiters, ntuc packer, food court cleaner, sell insurance and property lor. And I thought they always say cabin crew in high demand outside? Lol

Anonymous said...

Lies ,lies ,damn lies. To get girls and guys to join and gave their youth.Always have second job or income .Only good for those screw in charge to do what I say not what I do. First to does new and junior. Pity those terminated due to rpt.One Penang girl last flight due to not confirm. Another last flight to Manchester. Any IfS need to bring down.Mr juice Ifs terminated. Baba Shoe banger. Update here those who create Misery, be if OE or higher. Or lower. We can out them.

Anonymous said...

The public perception of retirees here is negative and prejudicial. Glad that BT has posted this blog. Many have to to put up with their young managerial staff who are mostly impatient for results with little or zero tolerance for lapses. Came across a report in Outlook that of a certain person who is now a customer service manager. Not sure if he used to be an SEP instructor.....his name somehow rings the bell. Lots of retirees are still useful and productive...but are not welcomed. They have to settle for a pay and CPF cut, take on addititional duties and do not last long.

Anonymous said...

The thing is the economy is always changing and when you add IT into the mix,it makes for a challenging environment for these retirees and because they spend more time in the air rather than at the desk,one wonders whether they can survive if given a regular desk job. Although it looks like their good communication skills would make it easy for them to thrive in the hotel industry for example,it still would be hard for them to land a job there because most employers still prefer to hire younger people.Becoming a property agent also isnt a good option now with the depressing property market in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Maybe both of them are shareholders and were helping out seving customers. Nowadays, it is quite common because of the difficulties recruiting serving staff.

Anonymous said...

90% of cabin crew do not have basic office skills.
Unfamiliar with all Microsoft Office ( software ).
Outdated versions too.

If they DO know, it was from their University or Poly days writing
projects, submissions.But the knowledge gets rusty.
Cant even create social media platforms for customer service tracking etc.

That is basic skill.

What about collating survey responses?
What about transferring data from one source to another format?
What about interpreting statistical numbers?
How about developing project timelines and negotiating with vendors?
Budgeting? ( yeah right... save some money too buy LV bag.. is budgeting?)
Know how to use Evernote / Google Drive / Dropbox /....?

Yet to include many other "new" things to retool themselves.

Sure, grooming is tip-top.. but a pretty face is not enough.
Sure, speaks, annunciates well.. but, what else?

Lots of form and no substance.
Morals & ethics can only take you so far... ( even the temple / church / mosque will say its not enough!)

Never offloaded a single thing?.. So?.. big deal?..
Never missed a flight?
Never reported sick?

Thats it???

Not enough.

Anonymous said...

Ex crew,if good looking can become escort.

Anonymous said...
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