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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Inflight service not up to expectation

Over dinner a few nights ago, a friend of mine who travelled on SQ complained to me about the inflight service. It was a day flight on the A380 and the flight time was about 7 1/2 hours. It wasn't
a full fight.

Two things stood out:

  • The absence of crew in the cabin after the meal service.
  • The toilets were dirty most of the time.
He was disappointed and hope cabin crew management could do something about it.


SQ too complacent said...

Fly Emirates!

Anonymous said...

Qantas is a good bet!

SQ too complacent said...

Too many gay stewards at the flying kangaroo.

Anonymous said...

Ask your friend what he expect? Just had his meal and he expect drink cart service? Crew no need to wash pots, eat or prepare for sales? Want service, want clean toilets fly suite or private jet or another airline. Typical whiner.

Not EE dee-ot said...

Just dont fly SQ

They are not interested in EY fares.
They only have eyes for JCL and above.
They are like SingTel..

corporate, corporate, corporate.

Always business people, accounts
EY is for new crew to practice with.
Dont be an idiot and guinea pig.

Anonymous said...

If the older crew (1970s to 1990s) could keep the toilets clean and make presence
felt in the cabin why can't the present crew??
There is a decline in the SQ in-flight service over the years and let us admit it.
Reasons? I don't know but only the management and the crew know.
Little wonder SQ shares is diving southwards to almost $10. Wake up!!!

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:
My answer to the above comment is dont take last time compare to now pls.
Last time aircraft only
Last time night stop at least got 3-4 clear days..
total cop can be 14 days, now?
Our coy already lost the plot when they ask the crew to pay back the LMA ..

Humpty dumpty said...

In-flight service not up to expectation.

What was the on duty supervisor doing?

Supposed to supervise to ensure service is up to expectation!

Anonymous said...

Inflight services & Marketing departments insists on certain range of services,
like drink carts, ice creams, choice of chinese, english, green teas for selected routes and departure times ( Bfast/lunch/dinner/ refreshments etc )and Inlfight duty free sales.

Such activities require human power to set up, organise, co-ordinate with other galleys
within the same class.

In the old days of the 747 ( 200, 300, 400 series ) the crew to passenger ratio in EY was around 1: 26 ( EY crew only... 1 crew to 26 pax )
Customers were demanding but on hindsight, easier to appease.

Today, taking a typical 777-300ER which is long range, inter-continental route, the EY crew to pax ratio is about 1:29

And we all know how demanding customers can get. But its not always the customer.
Its a lot to do with process and the desire to provide the best
You cannot expect the attitude of crew alone to "up the service" when the tools, and processes are not in aligned. This approach will always have the crew taking too long to meet pax requests or the crew trying to do their best.

The "office" will always take the easy route by assigning blame to the crew.
Soft targets are easy.. especially with a weak union, and ever threat of job loss or punitive punishments. Case closed.

But the root cause remains.. and new generation of crew adapt to the situation by being very uninvolved, disconnected and disinterested ( except for yau-kwees)

The current state of the inflight service is a reflection of what is happening in STC.
It has to be. In this instance, the crew cannot be the cause... its the lack of hands on from managers. They are just too removed from the theatre of operations.

Just do your work, lie low.. and prepare for alternate income.. buy/sell shares, blog, online sale of bags.. whatever. This company is just not ready to accept ground up ideas, make adjustments, and implement them.

I dont fly SQ anymore.. luckily. The destinations I go to, are not served by them.
( neither does the Alliance )

Ex-crew from the 1970s.

Anonymous said...

If the passenger (Asia travels) travelling on the A380 Double Suite from SG to Beijing felt the crew was average,then I'm not surprised the passenger in the post complained about the in flight service not being up to par.SQ's standard is deteriorating.

Anonymous said...

Why this people like to complaint. Not happy don't travel by sq la. No one pointed a knife and demanded then to travel by sia. Just like those idiots pps. Not happy go and travel other airlines. Not happy about food. Not happy about service. Buy business class ticket. Wants to have ist class champagne cheapskate. Why make yourself angry by travelling sq. Bad for body. Shorten your life. Just travel with other airlines. Life is so simple. Why make it so complicated. Don't understand these people. Simple logic also don't know. Sign....

Anonymous said...

Just like if you went to a 5 star restaurant. You are been served dirt cheap food. Lousy service. Normal instinct. You no need to be smart. You will tell yourself. I am not coming back again to this restaurant. But for sq pax ge, qpps, solitare pps, life pps. Sometimes wonder whether they are idiots or plain stupidity. Just keep on going back to fly sq

Anonymous said...

They are more than stupid.

They have no choice because their HR dept already signed
up with SQ to buy X amount of JCL tickets. Its a deal made
behind closed doors just like Union & management.

The "member" has no option.

That is why SQ marketing zero in only business travel.
The sales people get commissions or fat bonuses.
They cant be bothered with Chan Bro etc.

Yes, If you have to pay your own ticket, why in the world would
you want to fly SQ??.. Now, that is s t u p i d


Anonymous said...

It looks like SQ has been running out of ideas. Emirates purchased a soccer stadium in UK many years ago. CIAS was sold to DNATA, a subsidiary of Emirates a long time ago. On top of this, their paxs are very well looked after. They could see that the demand for First and Business fares were already waning. Their paxs do not fuss over split sectors as the fares are affordable.

Anonymous said...

President Emirates is Tim Clark. Cathay Pacific is owned by the SWIRE Group, a conglomerate of Sir John Swire. Both these leaders carry themselves with immense pride and dignity for what they represent. They are role models for industrial relations, efficiency, superb masters of goal achievers and lots more. When HKG reached its handover date back to China in 1997, who would have expected that the British was able to enjoy another 100 years of extended life after the Nanking Treaty expired?

Anonymous said...

SQ PEY class is too late. Eva Air used to have EY Deluxe Fares more than twenty years ago.

Anonymous said...

A former HOD used to tell CC that Business Class gives us the best and highest returns.

Lousy SQ service said...

Wah recent case too.
Consistent with the complaint by poster.
Can see who served him.

Anonymous said...

Pareto Principle : 80/20 rule. Work 20 per cent and reap 80 per cent gain. SQ is doing the reverse.

Anonymous said...

Emirates Airlines put the UAE on the map rather the other way round. Air France and Singapore Airlines is a destination by itself. Emirates have the biggest Airport in the world but it is not a tourist must visit place. Their tallest skyscraper, zouk,fort and sands as far as your eyes can see. One sees foreign help more than local .Blinding sandstorm and rule of Law or rule by Ruler.? Being in the middle of the middle East, Muscat Djibouti your destination Pakistan or Indian subcontinent your posting is another factors but not a pull.Have seen foreign Crews serving, probably hoping for an expat to sweep her off her feet.Well paid consider if Greek born or other places where there are more people than jobs.Rumoured by the staff to be overworked,hidden subsidies, and first use and priority for use of the airport, after owned by the same Sheik. CEO as British as fish and chip.So there you are,what do you want, to be served by A Fille,or madchen, in SQ mostly born and bred here. Or a mismatch of foreign import in Emirates.? Not much to compare.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a MGT carpenter blaming his tools. What has happened to those high handed phrases like : Failure is not an option, Be thankful that you have a job, there is a long Q if you are not happy....and lots more. The writer above sounds like a sore loser and is certainly not willing to admit the serious consequences that have befallen upon the airline.

In case this writer has forgotten, DXB airport started out as a tiny building standing on a piece of open elevated land with vast potential for expansion. It has been upgraded to a world class airport and so did Abu Dhabi. The Emirates successs story can be compared to that of HKG. Does he think that Emirates was able to own a soccer stadium in UK without British help? His ideas are outdated.

Anonymous said...

Just look at Emirate's network.
Direct non-stop connections from DXB to major cities in USA, Europe, China, Australia.

SQ needs the Alliance to hook up.
They just fly to "important" cities... Houston is purely for oil businessmen going to/from Moscow...

Basically, SIN station is strong only because the regional airports are weak.
Already QF flies direct to SHA & BJS.. why bother going through SIN?

Soon DXB to PER and SYD.. bypass SIN completely.. then we shall see if the yellow bird
is still asleep in la-la land.

EK loyalist said...

SQ is the past while EK is the future!

Anonymous said...

For many years, SQ had made several attempts to fly the LON/NYC/LON route, to no avail. Virgin Atlantic has a tight grip on the SYD/LAX/SYD sectors and is very firm in not releasing this route to SIA. A long and eventful courtship hogged the headlines many years ago with QANTAS and SIA vying for an alliance with BA. The final decision came as no surprise. It went to QANTAS.

A local tycoon had put in a bid to buy over Liverpool. After sosme failed attempts, he settled for Valencia. The moral of this story is that the Whites take care of their own kind very well.

Anonymous said...

Noted.Great Pittance,I meant Britain now rules the the British Isle just further from River Thames.Scotland is on the Rock,Missy wants to Elope to North Pole ,nearer to Santa. Ireland probably could not stand being butt of jokes and call in the Army ,defacto IRA, having proclaim itself the Republic of Ireland .Thus Pax Britannia will have shorter day.England having set free Singland in the 50 have to fight these white is better stuff and recognise the East is red,richer and the future.Support your local Airland ,a wee bit faults here and there.

Anonymous said...

Old boys network. Deals probably done in the fields of Eaton during the cricket match long time ago. Which school our tycoon went. RI ,VJC? Good for local but international biz,probably white boy taking care of white business.

Anonymous said...

Strategic alliance is the in thing now to help businesses grow.SQ should consider talking to a major airline.

Anonymous said...

Let me explain the old boys network. Eaton or such boarding school, are private school, expensive and only afforded by the connected or royal. During the games, of cricket or hockey ,the usually says I win I will have Macao.Next game says what's the prize ?All right Shanghai, Gilbratar next in sight. Raffles was a winner and he said I take this little red dot here,what it says Singa Pura.Tim probably said I want the soccer stadium in future. Now you know the history behind it all.

Anonymous said...

SQ is a major airline by itself. This means talking to en equal airline. Kangaroo Air ?Crown jewel is Syd-Lax-Syd.Not much in dowry to give so no and still no now,courting for twenty years. IndoAir,safety and outlook not matching, too much haze to see through. Up north Air, split long ago ,improbable by all means. IndieAir ,probably check in staffs hands full and different work culture. Siamland Air, generally they have none of it ,even buying telecom, they can think one can listen in.Brandon ? Done ,then loss later. Which new emerging country in Asia. Myanmar !GDP low country it's a loss rather than a win. My take.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on Eaton......obviously has forgotten to add that Chris Patten had it all planned to build a new airport for HKG. He also increased the salary of the civil service and finally won Britain's case in winning an extension of a hundred years from the year of HKG's handover to China in 1997. Kai Tak Airport today has been converted into a cruise terminal. The London Underground was a bomb shelter during the war.

Last Anonymous needs to get his alignment right. No need to disguise the names of the airlines that he is trying to refer to. SIA started out with the long haul strategy. His blog is more suitable for a soap opera.

Anonymous said...

Before I Reply ,can I assume you are based here,since BT Blog is local.An Expat or An Aussie, hope you are not Alan Joyce of Kangaroo Air.Notice that they could not put the ring on even after courting twenty years,hopping all over. If you are not in the location as define here,then I guess it's around this region.I have to take into account local sensibilities before I say anything. The ISP will reveal the poster if demanded under court order. Possibly don't want to walk down main Street in a beer barrel .being sued for saying the wrong. Some Country provide escort service like Sukhoi when the plane strays into their territory. So I shall make my position once I recognise your nick .Much appreciated.

Peenoy English said...

What talking you lah?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on Eaton......obviously has forgotten to add that Chris Patten had it all planned to build a new airport for HKG.
Regarding the above, you asked ,if you Peenoy English if you don't asked,you are disinvited. Also don't shoot. It's only Panodol.I admire the Birth Control methods. Great!