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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Less conflict these I was told

A number of senior cabin crew told me the case of the captain reporting the IFS for taking a seat in the suite class is rare these days. It seems the pilots and cabin crew are getting along well. They also told me conflict between the pilots and cc were rampant during my time as compared to the present day. Well, that was a good and encouraging piece of news. We hope the relationship will improve further, to the extent that there will zero conflict between the two.
From experience, cc will give the pilots more respect if they are reasonable and not demanding in having their meals. Also, whenever the cc has difficulties in handling nasty passengers, the pilots will come to their assistance. On the part of cc, they should be more tolerant and try to give the pilots the food they liked and not keep to themselves.
I hope not to hear of any incidences of conflict between the cc and pilots from now on. May all your flights be safe and enjoyable!


Sherlock Watson said...

Q1 why more rampant during your time.

Q2 what you mean cc keep food to themselves.

Q3 why can't the management send cabin and tech crew for conflict management classes.

Q4 how many similar cases have gone unreported.

BT's Secretary said...

1. During Bt's time there were more ars**** tech crew
2. Some cc (yau kwee ones)will keep the best for themselves
3. Management want them to fight so as to divert attention
from asking higher wages, better work conditions bla bla bla
4. At least 10 a year

Anymore funny questions mr/mrs/ms Kay Poh?

Sherlock Watson said...

I'll let you know when I think of any.

Anonymous said...

I think Sherlock from Kay Lee Roast Meat. Need figure cause they deal in millions.Got lots of Geese in CC ,on swan song, also excess from swan lake cast. I think taste better because never move from seat,so fat.
Conflict on long flight only because no delivery service on the air enroute, got money cannot buy.Short flight, can go back to Mama or mistress or whatever. Since it was posted Kay Lee wants an answer.

Anonymous said...

At least Sherlock above dare ask Qs
unlike our Oppo,diam-diam in Parliament.

Anonymous said...

What about the conflicts and culture between cabin crews? Is it still the same, better or worst?

Old Timer said...

Conflicts between cabin crew were and still rare.

Anonymous said...

So much drama at SQ.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bohtong, if you were given a chance to turn back the clock, will you go back to your previous job as steward?

These days, plenty of youngsters have degree, what are your advice to these cabin crew wannabes? Is it worth to join a cabin crew if one has a degree or just settle for a corporate job?

I am also curious and interested on your insights on the crew training in STC. Heard that there are plenty of people who dropped out half way and thus, have to pay the bond back to the company. How tough it is to "graduate"? Or the company is trying use this as a means to earn some $? Some signed the contract without knowing what they will go through in STC.

Thanks in advance and appreciate your comments from your perspective!

Boh Tong said...

I would gladly be a flight steward again if the environment and working condition are the same as when I first started. Under present situation, I would not.
If one has a degree and want to fly, then do it for one contract (5 years).
Those who dropped out of training, in my opinion are weaklings. SIA is not a cheapskate company whose design is to make money from those who drop out.
It depends on the individual but personally, I think training can be enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Bohtong, care to elaborate more regarding the "environment and working condition" and how you would not be a steward due to present situation? Is it due to monetary? or the culture among the crews? thank you!

Boh Tong said...

My apology for the late reply. Environment is better that during my time. Working condition may be a bit tougher today. Yes I do not mind being a steward again even under present condition. Money is good if not better than during my time. There are 7,000 crew at present so they may be less personal but it won't bother me at all.
Hope I have answer your questions satisfactorily.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the reply, Bohtong! Have a great day ahead!