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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Less conflict these days.....so I was told

A number of senior cabin crew told me the case of the captain reporting the IFS for taking a seat in the suite class is rare these days. It seems the pilots and cabin crew are getting along well. They also told me conflict between the pilots and cc were rampant during my time as compared to the present day. Well, that was a good and encouraging piece of news. We hope the relationship will improve further, to the extent that there will zero conflict between the two.
From experience, cc will give the pilots more respect if they are reasonable and not demanding in having their meals. Also, whenever the cc has difficulties in handling nasty passengers, the pilots will come to their assistance. On the part of cc, they should be more tolerant and try to give the pilots the food they liked and not keep to themselves.
I hope not to hear of any incidences of conflict between the cc and pilots from now on. May all your flights be safe and enjoyable!