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Friday, 28 October 2016

SIA'a inaugural non-stop flight to San Francisco

SIA started its SIN/SFO non stop flight on 23 October. The flight time ranges from 14+ hours and 17+ hours depending on the wind direction. The cabin configuration is 42 business class, 24 premium economy and 187 economy. The inaugural flight was full.
The inflight service on the first flight out of SIN was quite chaotic which did not come as a surprise.There were some teething problems faced by the cabin crew as far as the meal services went. I had a WhatsApp message purportedly from a passenger on that flight who complained about the meal services. He described the meal services as "painfully slow" and "definitely not your typical SQ experience" and so on. On the other hand a cabin crew on the flight complained besides other things the confusion in stowing the food,drinks etc and the lack of space in the galleys. In his WhatsApp message he said "I really do not want to do this flight anymore". Referring to his other colleagues he said they "all swore that they don't want to do this flight anymore. $$ is good but it's really not worth it".
For operating this ULR ( Ultra Long Range) flight, the total income for a cabin crew ranges from about $3,000 for a junior rank to about $4,500 for an ifs. The tour of day for a typical ULR flight is about 6 days.

BT: Until I get the correct figures, above amount is my estimate only.


Anonymous said...

I can't stand such a long flight as a passenger so I cannot imagine doing it as a steward/stewardess.Very tiring indeed.

Anonymous said...

It is better than transiting which is a waste of time.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello this is not the place to show your story telling skils. BT why did you
publish the mad man's story? It will destroy your blog!

Anonymous said...

Cc are like spoilt children. Get paid 3 to 4k just for 40 hour work and still ungrateful!
Look around you like the Bangla who toiled in the sun to make your trains work, your roads efficient and so on and so forth and get paid $800 to 1k a MONTH!

Anonymous said...

How can you equate CC with Bangla. Trained in AC evacuation in 20 mins.CPR trained. Multi lingual. Home away from love ones for six days. Cannot compare apples with grass by the roadside. Well fly Bangla Air then .Go to Bangla Land,then to San Francisco, a bit longer and all different. Don't insult the FS,FSS on the first flight. All is not settle yet.

Mike Lim said...

Dear Mr. Luke,

I understand that since 2015, there has been a new salary scheme for the CC. Unlike the previous scheme where long haul flights have a higher pay per hour, the current scheme has a standardized pay per hour for a particular rank (FS, LS, CS, IFS), there is no stopover allowance or IFA.

Under this new scheme, wouldn't two CC within a same rank, e.g. FS, have similar pay regardless of whether he does ULR or the usual flights assuming the total number of hours in the month is the same?

Could you please clarify?

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Boh Tong said...

Mike.... the IFA has increased for all cabin crew eg for a FS or FSS it $12.80 per hour of duty time. For the ULR flights (18 hr duty time and more), a FS or FSS is paid $38.40 per hour
(3 X $12.80 = $38.40). For duty time between 14 hr and 17 hr 59 mins the IFA is 2 X $12.80 and for flights under 14 hr the IFA is $12.80.

Due to the increase of the IFA, SIA has removed the IMA (Inflight Meal Allowances) and ONA (Over Night Allowances).

Overall, the IFA has increased between 28% and 35 %.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new about these adverse comments. CC crew will need to seek improvements in galley work, processes and more with a view towards delivering prompt and efficient service to the paxs. If complaints continue to rise, then Mgt will lose its paxs to to other carriers.

Anonymous said...

SQ relaunched this direct long haul flight in response to the massive requests received from paxs following a long suspension of this flight. We can expect more to follow. United Air also launced a similar flight earlier.

Anonymous said...

Fly SQ,help the economy, trickle down to the auntie who pick cardboard, cleaners in food court your relatives.Or fly United, help the US economy ?Procedures can be improved over time and services thus improves.Is that so difficult to consider ?You one prefers service by blonde, but with a free teaspoon of contemp in your tray.