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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Stewardess punished for not keeping her appointment ....

I remember this incident clearly. It was about a stewardess who was unable to keep her appointment with her manager because her pet dog was in labour on the same day. Her reason for failing to turn up wasn't good enough and was punished by being "grounded" for a few months. Although I sympathised with her, I could not empathised with her back then as I did not know the intrinsic value of a pet.
Many years later during my retirement, I started to be attracted to dogs. My first "love" was a puppy called Belle (top picture) and later Chee Bee, the red toy poodle. A few years later, Belle went missing and Chee Bee passed away. The departure of these 2 pets broke my heart. These incidents reminded me of the case of the stewardess. Now, I am able to empathise with the stewardess and would have done the same by staying and taking care of the pet instead of keeping the appointment with my boss.


Anonymous said...

You should have just had kids of your own.No need big space mah!

Anonymous said...

What have your own kids and space do with the abovementioned subject?

Anonymous said...

Life ,empathy, gone beyond 35000 feet.
This is my kingdoms be awe ,Says BT
Ten years of Blogging.unmatched.
My words shall be cast in Stone.
But it also said, Kings and Queen must tumble down.
On the ground be equal made.

Justice said...

All the above comments are unrelated to the post topic but how come
BT did delete them??

Anonymous said...

Justice ,you a Blogger Police or what?
BT kingdom when look out office window can see Turkey,Italy, Paris the Swiss Alps all in one full day.You look out of you high Street Office, what do you see.?High Court, where Justice is being served,Marina Bay.Even if one stay in the Sail,the HarbourFront. He can see the Beaches of Nice.
His Fanbase us such when BT says Jump ,in front of a speeding locomotive, fans will do so, where, how high, no question asked. Because he got such power,master power, just back track ,erase, save. BT Kingdom, so says He.Stirrer. One need to say right words this Sunday morning.

Anonymous said...

I just wondered whether you would be less into pets if you had kids of your own.
Kids and grandkids will keep you busy after retirement.

Anonymous said...

The seniors, CCE, Managers talk about attitudes.
Yet they do not understand their own attitudes towards crew.

If one examines one's intention, the attitude can be altered.
Management staff want an easy life. That is an attitude.
Management staff want to meet KPI criteria with enough margin to go play golf.
That is an attitude.

What can be changed so that attitudes are positive towards crew?

As for the example of the FSS being punished for not turning up for an appointment.
Despite her pleas about concern for her pet, she was punished.

Did the manager get what he wanted?
What was the manager's original intent?.. to investigate/enquire about something?
Did he get what he wanted?

Ultimately... its the intent.

Anon said...

If it was an emergency involving a family member,then we can sympathise.Most won't accept the dog excuse. The stewardess should have known better.Tomorrow if my pet parakeet injured his wing,can I take the day off?Hell NO!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. It's the Internet that reveals ,it 10 years too late and too many water flows under the bridge already. The dog would have a few generations by then,the FSS paid for being grounded then,and learn and left at the end of contract.Alway Malicious, Or AM for short probably sacrificed the FSS on the Altar of KPI.The FSS should get an A for concern, and responsibility for her dog.But the Altar can be changed now.Finally when the Church bell rings, when you asked who it tolls for,it tolls for you and me.Everyone got a swan song waiting, some faster or slower.

Anonymous said...

Heard the thread the grandma sick and a going, still no.
Should take an mc for something like this, hurt my eye following the thread in BT blog, not cannot see, much less the passenger, need apts with eye specialist, pronto, slipped and fall over my pet dog, got bitten and in such state, how to fly. Need more scenario, plse contribute.

SUNNY GALE said...

Year 1975 - in Holland Amsterdam (41yrs ago) . My first impression was eh... everything looks old and backdated compared to Singapore. I thought to myself : how come it is rated developed and Singapore only at developing stage.
Went into a takeaway food joint to Tp food. The girl wrapped my food and asked whether I want to have it heated up. I was eh, how stupid. My food was already in plastic container and wrapped, so how r u going to heat it up.
Back then Singapore heat up food using frying pan over fire,so how r u going to heat up my food after it has been wrapped.
I was thinking moron, now u have to unwrapped to have it heated.
No it did not happened that way. She put it in the microwave oven and have it heated.
I then understand why Holland is developed and Singapore still developing. U see, microwave was non existence in Sin at that time but Holland already has it.
In 1975 when I came out of the tube station in London I came across newspapers being sold : pick up the papers and dropped the payment into a box. I was ah..... in Singapore at that frame of time, all the newspapers will be gone without anyone paying for it. A very civilized people indeed even at 1975.
When a kitten got stranded up in a tree, there were much concern all around to rescue it. A fire engine would be despatched to carry out the rescue and traffic diverted.
Singapore in 1975, any kitten that gets stranded in tree would not have attracted much concern.
Again I realized eh...... now I understand the level of development, both economically and culturally, there were a big gap between us. We were many years behind.

You will realised that although we are all human, in reality we are still not equal in term of development.
All the countries of the world are at different stages of development. In the area of culture, some are more cultured and sophisticated and are at a higher level of development then others.
If the Cabin crew manager have attained the level of sophistication and is culturally developed, the stewardess would have been pardon. She would even received words of encouragement and sympathy from the manager.
Unfortunately the manager is still not world class yet. Still in the developing stage culturally.
As for Boh Tong, now that he sympathized with the Fss, he apparently has advanced culturally and is more sophisticated then he was years ago. He is at a higher level now.
Rgds Gale.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gale, you slip is showing. CC being exposed to other countries would have a world wide view of things. Second page of the Sun.Topless lasses. AM fulfilling KPI ,otherwise how become Always Malicious. Now your age is known,dates offer will cease therein,perish all hope. Have a nice morning.

Anonymous said...

What talking you lah?

Anonymous said...

Gale ,age 41 plus 20 ,so can talk grandchild. Taking with Gale about Gale.Who is Lah ? Don't know him.If you don't know the Sun, you never travel. Topless ? No clothing. Next question ?

Anonymous said...

Don't u know Gale. Capt on the B707. Left to join MAS.

Anonymous said...

Must check with my MAS pilot friends.Then he should know Captain Nik,Captain Lim etc.

Anonymous said...

Know. Captain Willie. Nice reunion here. Old flyer never stop flying. They just meet here in BT Blog. Any Old story to entertain like the coffin in the cargo stuff, you can put it here.