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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Bosses who should've been fired!

Having good bosses or seniors is an important aspect of working life.It either kills your motivation to work harder or makes you look forward to going to work everyday.
Over a long period of time working for SQ,I have worked under more lousy bosses than good ones. Over here I am going to talk about the lousy ones.
The managers were the worst lot. Most were back-boneless creatures who would sucked up to their svps or seniors. They were indecisive and adopted the "don't rock the boat" attitude. Working under such bosses was very discomforting,demotivating and frustrating.
Just to illustrate what I meant, was a case whereby one of my colleagues, a trainer CCE was shouted at and scolded by a TRAINEE stewardess in the presence of the whole class was told by his training manager to give the rude trainee a second chance. The CCE recommended the girl be sacked.
Another case was a TRAINEE steward who defied and challenged the trainer to sack him was let off the hook by the training manager. Fortunately for the division,the svp overruled and sacked that gangster-like trainee.
The main reason for not wanting to dismissed those rude and arrogant trainees was "too much admin work would be involved and have to answer to many questions etc..."
Crew who had strong link with the union (not referring to the current union) were also let off the hook even though they had committed serious offences ....reason? management want to maintain good relations with the union. Other crew were sacked and some was even referred to the police eg. chief steward Jim W's case. Worst still would be those who openly opposed the union.
Well well,I hope the current managers and senior staff aren't like those during my time.


Anonymous said...

Pity you.

Bad bosses is the main reason for mass resignations but these same bosses will tell the management that poor pay is the reason those under them resign.

I'm sure if you ask a young steward/stewardess from SQ why they left, they'll say the bitc@y/jerk supervisor.

Anonymous said...

KPI is an evil scheme. It provides the incentive for bosses to maximise profits and savings at the expense of the graded staff while fattening their own pay cheques.

Anonymous said...

Yes .Filling up KPI is like sniper notching up body count.Feel good after that ?The altar of KPI would soon have a mirror after many prayers by victims of unjust acts .The image would be who ? All the money in the world and all the horses for a kingdom ,for an after like of peace would be elusive. For that reasons, I would never put my subordinates to be terminated for whatever is done in line of duties on board. Counsel yes. Highlight yes.I let the CCE does it.I held my head high every time and at all times.