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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Going that extra mile wasn't a big deal for me

As a cabin crew of SIA, I had given some of my passengers services that were considered as extraordinary which to me wasn't a big deal. Many if not all of these passengers did not even write to the company to compliment me.
Here were some of the extra services I've rendered :

  • A pregnant lady travelling from TYO to LAX was upgraded by me to the first class section because the economy class was full and she was seated in a most uncomfortable position. She did not even write in to SIA to compliment me and my crew.
  • An Australian passenger travelling from SIN to SYD was down with a bad flu with a high temperature was given the permission to sleep/lay down in the horizontal position in the crew bunk.
  • A couple was upgraded to the business class because the husband was beaten up by another passenger in the economy class which was chock-a-block.
  • A couple was given a tour of Singapore by yours truly free of charge.
  • Another passenger who was badly injured in a car accident was spoon fed by me as he could not help himself.
To be honest there were other cases which I could not recall at this point of time.


Anonymous said...

Nowadays SOME crew deliberately find ways to supposedly go the extra mile or be seen as such to get rewarded by SIA so it will look good on their resume. Some also get their friends, partners, spouses or relatives to give favourable comments about them on social media hoping SIA will notice and they can get promoted.

So it's very hard to tell whether they're being sincere when they do go the extra mile.

Wonder whether it's due to upbringing, training or stiffer competition at work.

I highly doubt you had that in mind when you were flying in the 70s and 80s because not much importance was placed on marketing and there was no social media.

Boh Tong said...

I never had "that" in mind when extending the extra services. In fact, I was never rewarded for going that extra mile.

Anonymous said...

Good to know.

Janey said...

In reference to your blog post:

Because it comes naturally and you have a kind heart :)