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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Molestation on Denpasar flight?

Heard a senior steward was alleged to have molested a stewardess on a DPS ( Denpasar, Bali) turnaround flight. Details are sketchy at the moment. SIN/DPS/SIN is a short turnaround flight of about 2 hours 20 mins each way with a transit time of one hour. The flights are usually full.


Anonymous said...

Plse don't post name. Private Data Protection Act applies. Still internal issues. Don't crucify him,only Jesus can.

Anonymous said...

Common sense la no need to tell BT what he should do.

Anonymous said...

Jesus wont crucify him even he is guilty. He will forgive all. That is my Jesus,my God :)

Anonymous said...
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Fly Emirates said...

Molest on the plane itself?Steward couldn't help himself.Hope she lodged a police report immediately upon landing.What is happening with our stewards?MAS senior steward molest passenger last time and now SQ senior steward molest his colleague.Give clean stewards a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fly Emirates, I would consider your nick to be for Emirates Air and therefore your heart lies there. You should therefore cease to comment here ,with your agenda to popularise EA.Any missteps you would jump on it without,including MAS.If I can deduce, E.A employs all foreign crew ,their monthly pay enough for them to get by.Most would be willing to be swept off their feet by expat, rich ,single,or divorce ,and so to meet to Mama.For comparison, this Airline employ local, and our nearest neighbours lass. We comment on it to improve it in all areas ,not to bring it down. Factors in all areas this Airline is certainly Singapore in its heart and soul,a flag carrier for Singapore and Singapean alike. This is the difference. If you do not like SQ,please disinvite yourself. Thks.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

How is SIA ever going to improve if they only
wish to listen to favourable comments?

Fly Emirates if SQ does not improve said...

No one's bringing it down stupid.If you don't like the comments then don't read them and find a hobby.Other airlines including the middle eastern ones often receive bad reviews but they don't surpress their critics. We don't live in a cocoon so SQ is not some protected species.Learn to deal with it stupid! Molestation is a serious matter.We don't want female passengers to feel apprehensive about flying with our airline. For now,we wait for the matter to be thoroughly investigated.

Anonymous said...

Agreed.ER should agitate why it's stopped from additional flight into Canada, on ground of hidden subsidies. Okay why preferred slot docking bays in Dubai Airport ?Take away the Expat in E.A and you got Mirats.A.God forsaken sands everywhere ,only save by oil underground. At current price ,EA is the better option for money making. You root for it goes live there and happily ever after. Molestation ?If could turn out anyway ,but let it go through the proper procedure. Hoping to lodge a police report on landing is typical non crew reactions and thought. You must be living in another world,about apprehensive on board on ,guys and girls are equally targetted on Air Foreign where women folk and sex are not respected in the natural order.The situation on working as a crew and passengers seated does not create proximity for any incident to happen,so when is the opportunity for it ?I doubt anyone care too hood about improve in what way for you. My sincere advice ,stick with EA,the crew would love it more. As for me SQ for all time,you bigot.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha glad to see the
SQ PR team doing their job here.
SQ's management must be very
agitated! Great for consumers
but not for the airlines.
EK is not without controversies
if I may add.How many incidents
the last few years compared to