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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Pax unhappy crew didn't upgrade son



Who separated mother & child in the 1st place?
He should move to EY and let mother & child occupy JCL.

Anyway, these pax are always cooking up stories, getting
crew into unnecessary investigations.
They fly so much on their employer's expense that home life is
non-existent.Then they try to make up for it by bringing the whole
kampong along.

Rarely do you see a business class pax travel with their families
in JCL.I dont even think they organise a tour with their families
at all either!.. they dont have the time. If they did, it will be to
cheap destinations like Phuket, Bali, Hua Hin.. etc.

A successful businessman will not have time to build a successful family.
Its one or the other.. both is a very, very rare skill.

There is only 24hours a day.

Ignore fussy difficult passengers said...

Sounds like some petty Sinkie PPS.

Bet he wouldn't have behaved that way on some non Asian carrier.

Ask him to try giving EK or BA crew a hard time like this.

He wouldn't dare.

Anonymous said...

Since there were vacant seats why can't the crew upgrade the kid?
Please have a heart. The little boy needed his mommy. Selfish and
inflexible crew!

Anonymous said...

Who is going to answer if other pax or bloody crew write in? Having a heart means losing my job. Who is going to pay for my bills if I lose my job? The kid? I can bet those ingrates wont even say a word of thanks. So no thanks to upgrading them

Anonymous said...

Spot on.u will get into trouble if u bend the rules so your job security comes first.

That passenger is just being a dic$.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not flying Singapore Airlines anymore ... one less asshole to give the crew problems ! If I were a business class pax on that flight, I would be upset and irritated if the stupid kid were to transfer between ey and biz class!