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Friday, 25 November 2016

SIA's share price isn't attractive anymore

SIA share price is now hovering around $9 plus. Today, it closed at $9.80c up 5 cents. It isn't doing as well as say during my time when it was about $15 to $18. Of course, it has something to do with profitability. For the price to be around $15 to $18, I remembered that SIA's yearly profit was around the region of $1 billion and more. It was the world's most profitable airline but not anymore.
With the introduction of budget carriers and the fierce competition from Middle Eastern airlines, SIA's yearly profits is somewhere from $300 million to $800 million.


Anonymous said...

Can invest if it falls below $8

Anonymous said...

If it falls below $8, better dump it asap. When creative or noble shares or swiber or JAL shares start dropping, anybody pick up?

Anonymous said...

Those people licking their wounds and kpkb now are those who picked up lots of SIA shares at $11 to $12 when it declined from $15. If you want to follow their footsteps by picking up at $8+ just because it declined from current $11, go ahead.
Dabbling in stocks is like holding a time bomb. Can crash overnight but take ages to climb up. Everyday watch CNA also go up 10c, 20c but can drop $1 due some bad news.
Might as well bet horses or football. Results known in minutes

Anonymous said...

Thats true. All those employee shares I am holding to now are 'underwater'! When $15 I never sell thinking it will remain that price or go up. Now $10, want to sell also cannot!

Anonymous said...

Economy maxed out. Don't take chances with your money. Be prudent.

Loser....++ said...

I bought at $18.30 ESOP
Isn't just wonderful?

Who made money?

Who lost money?
Only me!

That is well contained!