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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A paradox

Carol (not her real name) flew first class from Tokyo to Singapore and I was the chief steward who served her. She was travelling alone. Carol must be around 30 years old. After the meal service, Carol gestured to me to sit next to her and I obliged. She asked me a lot of questions pertaining to the airline. At first, I thought she was testing my knowledge about the company I was working for but later on, I found out that it was her way of getting to know people. We got to know each other a lot on that flight.
The next day, I called Carol and we met in her apartment which was near Orchard Road. She made me a cup of tea and we sat down in her cosy apartment and chatted. Carol asked me what type of car I was driving. I told her I owned a Mini Cooper. She asked me whether I would like to drive a Jaguar and I excitedly said "Yes". Straightaway, she took me by my hand and led me to her Jaguar which was parked below her apartment.
That was my first time driving the expensive Jag. It thrilled me as I hit the highway at 100 mph(160 km/h). I have done that kind of speed with my Mini before but this was different. The Jag did not vibrate as much as my Mini. The Jag was a heavy, well-stabilised huge monster as compared to my Mini. Carol loved the way I drove her car. She told me she had never drove at that high speed. Hers was a 50 mph and at most 60 mph.
We never met again  after that day. Carol simply disappeared. She did not answer my call. I left her a few notes in her apartment letter box but did not received any reply from her. When I visited her apartment, there was no Jaguar in sight. I asked the security staff about Carol but they did not seem to know her. They told me the apartment belong to an elderly couple. I was confused. Did I really meet a girl called Carol?

BT: Yes, Carol did exist after all. I found her 2 months here


Casper said...

Ghost? Dead stewardess from T coming back to haunt you? You sometimes get the feeling there's an extra passenger in the plane.

Anonymous said...

Carol could have been a ghost from the haunted plane and BT fell for it.

Boh Tong said...

Casper, this incident was years before the SQ 006. It happened in 1973.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Carol. Not easy to get a handsome steward's/pilot's number not unless you're some hot chick.Even if you have money, they may not give you a second look if you're not a pretty passenger.

Anonymous said...

Did you check the cargo manifest for that day? "Carol" may have returned home on that flight...

Casper said...

Oh dear. Wasn't born yet
In fact, mommy and daddy also hadn't met he he he... Maybe since you have retired and you got free time,you can try to locate Carol.