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Saturday, 17 December 2016

An ex-IFS's son

It was a habit of mine to look through the crew list (known as GD or General Declaration) before the start of the flight. This time, some 16 years ago, on a flight to Jakarta I noticed a co-pilot's name that was so familiar to me. Then it occurred to me that the co-pilot was the son of an inflight supervisor (ifs) who had left the airline in the early 80s.

The ifs and wife were good friends of ours. Many years back, when they were working, they left their son with my mother. They trusted only my mother to baby sit the boy who was about 2 years old.That boy was now in his 30s.
When the co-pilot boarded the plane, we introduced ourselves to one another. I asked him whether his father was an ex ifs by the name of so and so and he was surprised that I knew his father. When I told him I knew his mother by her name, he almost fainted. When I related to him about how my mother as well as my retiree father took care of him when he was a little boy, he was rather surprised.
Today, 16 years later, I believe he must have been promoted to be a captain.


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