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Monday, 26 December 2016

Both are cancer patients

This may not be much of a story but I would still like to blog about it.
Over this festive period, I've received news of 2 senior cabin crew who are dying of cancer. One is living abroad (Francis)and the other in Singapore (Alex). They are now in their late 60s.
I always remember this incident some 40 years ago.
One night in HK, Francis called me in my hotel room and told me Joyce, a stewardess girl friend of Alex had a man in her room. Francis wanted me to help him bash up the man. When I turned up at Francis's room, he smelled of alcohol. I knew he was in no position to challenge the stranger. He insisted on going to Joyce's room. I stopped him and told him it was not our business to interfere in Joyce's affair. After much persuasion, Francis did not visit Joyce's room.
It is strange and coincidental that both of them are now dying of cancer.
I do not know what has happened to Joyce since she left the airlines many years ago.


Anonymous said...

Wah why a lot of people you know are either sick or dying?

Anonymous said...

Because they are getting old dude!

Anonymous said...

If Francis had not been drunk, would you go along with him to Joyce's room to bash the man up?

Anonimust said...

This Joyce was doing how many men at that time ah? She'd better not be a Malaysian.On the other hand, maybe she and that man were playing Chess or monopoly...can't be strip poker, right. So no need for Francis to bash the man. Who was that man? Passenger? Steward? Pilot? Was it even a real man..

Boh Tong said...

It was none of my business as Joyce wasn't my GF.