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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Chief steward Jon was fired for ....

I met Jon at a wedding dinner few years ago. In fact,we haven't met since he was sacked from the airline. To be honest we weren't the best of friends but we were invited by an ex inflight supervisor for his son's wedding.
Jon is completely bald,still skinny like he was many years ago. He hasn't changed a bit all these years,at least not in appearance. However, his behaviour has changed for the worst. Jon was boisterous and under the influence of a few glasses of beer became loud and offensive. He used vulgarities in the presence of his wife and other women without thinking twice. He became crude and unpolished since he left SQ.....he wasn't like that when he was still flying.
You may asked me why was Jon sacked from the airline? Below is the story:

The flight landed at Bangkok Don Muang International Airport in the late evening.The crew would night stop for a day at Bangkok,Thailand.
After the passengers had disembarked,Fatty the ifs (inflight supervisor)waited until the last cabin crew left the aircraft before he too left the aircraft and headed for the arrival area. It was a long walk to the arrival terminal and custom area.
About 2 months before Fatty's flight,cabin crew management had a meeting with the security department and enlist their help to nap Fatty whom they suspected of stealing duty free liquor and Dom Perignon Champagne. Cabin crew management had inside information that Fatty had stolen dozens of bottles of liquor and sold them to his pub connection in Bangkok. Off course,this was illegal and any crew caught stealing liquor or any company stuff would be sacked instantly.
That night in BKK (Bangkok)2 plainclothes security men from S'pore had stationed themselves just after the custom clearance area,waiting for Fatty.They flew into BKK a day before Fatty's flight.
Jon the chief steward (2nd highest ranking cc)was the first to arrive at the custom check area. The Thai custom officers cleared him and let him through without a search.However,immediately after the custom area at the arrival hall,the 2 security men came up to Jon and flashed their i/ds and searched Jon's hand carried luggage. In it,they found a few bottles of the airline's Dom Perignon,Black Label Whisky and Brandy. They apprehended Jon but before that Jon created such a big commotion that Fatty from distance (before custom check) knew that there was something was not right.
Fatty hurriedly went to the toilet and threw his bottles of liquors into the large waste bins. He then cleared custom and the 2 security men approached him.They did not find any stolen things in his bags.
Just to enlighten you,these crew made hundreds by selling the stolen liquor in BKK and other places.
Stealing liquor from the airlines by crew is not an uncommon thing. It happens to many airlines,not just SQ. Some stole to sell and make a profit while others drank or gave them to their friends. There is nothing much the airlines could do except to discourage the cc from stealing by firing them if they are caught.
In the above case,Fatty was the target but Jon who helped carried the contraband for Fatty, was made to pay. Jon was a nice and obliging colleague whom Fatty made use of.
Fatty was always lucky to avoid being caught red handed. There was nothing SIA security people could do to Fatty. He retired "gracefully". They even awarded him a handsome retirement gratuity. Today, Fatty drives a taxi and who knows what other illegal things he is doing?


Chop off their hand said...

Stealing liquor?

Anonymous said...

Even union reps were doing this.
There was a cache of spirits in the left luggage room
in the hotel near Patpong.
Hennesy XO Brandy, Johnny Walker Blue label..etc.
It was their personal bar.

Some are sitting in STC like an angels.
Used to go around knocking on doors to gather up
kakis to have a session of drinks.. and he beats them
all... even offloaded wet ice to go with the drinks.

It was behaviour common to all airline crew... tech or cabin.
Its still happening these days.. but with very careful selection of