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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Please give me your feedback

Over the years, many have accused me of being a busybody blogging about crew's stories especially the juicy ones. However, many have also told me that they enjoyed the stories I've blogged. I have never in my blog mentioned names of people except those whom I've nice things to say.
Therefore, I would like to hear your opinion on whether I should stopped telling crew stories (some called them gossips) or carry on as usual.
I've set up a poll on top of the blog and hope you will give me your opinion on the issue.
The poll will run for 60 days and after that I will decide what to do.

Thank you,

Boh Tong.


Interested said...

Bt you should continue writing about crew stories. You serve as a reporter to the outside world about lives in cabin crew. I do not see anything wrong with your writing so long as you do not mention the names of crews involved. Carry on blogging. Thumbs from me.

Model passenger said...

Agree with the person who made the comment before me. You should keep blogging but don't mention names. Your blog provides a link between the crew and the passengers.Here,both parties can have their say without any fear. It helps the airline identify their strengths and weaknesses based on comments directly from passengers. It also gives us passengers a better idea of what the crew honestly thinks of us.

Anonymous said...

Yes, blog stories about pax and crew issues.
Not crew & crew issues... especially not their personal lives.

Blog more about how management behaves.
Crew behaviour is too much in the limelight.
Managers, CCE are just as human and will have just as
saucy incidents too... ha! ha!