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Friday, 2 December 2016

People ought to know that upgrading is discouraged

As far as SIA is concerned, the cabin crew as well as the captains should not upgrade any passenger unless in an emergency situation whereby an economy passenger is so sick that he or she is in a critical condition and need more space. In such a situation, the economy class cabin must first be full.
Upgrading to the business/first class, the crew must ensure the upgraded passenger must not be seated next to the business/first class passenger.
For each case of upgrading, the cabin crew-in-charge and the captain will have to write a report to their respective head of division.
As for this particular case, there was definitely no justification for an upgrade.


Bloody IDIOT said...

A long time ago, between AMS and MAN, a male pax seated in EYCL
stood up during taxing and walk towards D2L. This was during the
screening of the SEP video.

He was a young caucasian man about mid twenties. He had his back pack slung on
one shoulder. He went straight for the door and attempted to rotate the handle.
We stopped him just in time, before the slides were deployed. The attempt was sufficient
to activate alarms in the flight deck and the captain called.

We sat him in row 25A. Just ahead of D2L. The main deck of the JCL was empty of pax except for 1. Most were seated in the upper deck ( 744 ). He calmed down after we talked to him and I assured the captain that he was stable and we will keep a keen eye
out on his movements.

This was an upgrade. It was reported. It was also uneventful. The pax was offered ECYL
refreshments which he declined. He drank only water that we offered. He did not get any headsets. He remained awake for the duration of the flight. He did not take pictures, he did not read.

The IFS could have been sacked, demoted.
Yet the flight could also have been delayed... and affecting
all other flights downline.

There are no guidelines for anyone in such situations.
The employer is silent on it. How will this silence help?
For one, it helps the managers, craft a charge to hang the IFS or C-I-C
and terminate employment.

Its a wonderful world... real happiness and serene.

Anonymous said...

This story appeared in many forums including flyertalk and no one sided the passenger,calling him a cheapskate.

He may have asked whether it was possible to do what he wanted to do weeks before the incident but thought he'd try his luck because apparently someone posted a similar question about this prior to the incident.

Not worth keeping this passenger.