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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Play Dirty

On board the flight and at work, Jean and Sam were friendly and playful with each other. Sam was a chief steward and Jean was a junior stewardess. They worked together in the same area of the plane. Sometimes, in the galley,behind the closed curtains, they would playfully hug and kiss each other. At times,Jean would unzipped Sam's pants and .................

The above behaviour carried on for a year whenever they flew together. They belonged to the same team whereby being rostered to fly together was common. It was the company's idea to let the same crew flew together day in and day out. It reckon that service to the paxs would be better if crew were familiar with each other. Of course,the airline had other reasons and one important reason was cost saving.

Sam was married with 2 young kids. His wife was a former stewardess. Jean joined the airlines a year earlier and was already married to a ground staff.

Jean was dissatisfied with her husband,sexually and financially. She began her extra marital affairs the moment she started flying. Jean slept with pilots,passengers and stewards. Jeans was a schizo but at the same time hot,yea very hot in every sense of the word!

Now it looked like she was very fond of Sam,her chief steward. One thing though,Sam had never slept with Jean. Sam looked like a goodie goodie type of man. But can he resist Jean who loved to tease him now and then by hugging and kissing him? Which man could resist the likes of Jean?

During one of the stops in Australia, Jean invited Sam to her hotel room. They had dinner ordered from the hotel room service. After dinner, a bottle of whisky was opened by Jean and they both emptied the whole bottle by early morning.

Drunk and tipsy, Sam stripped Jean naked and this was the first time he saw her sexy well shaped body. Sam stripped himself hurriedly and ......................

Finally,after an hour of sex,dirty sex, they both fell into each other arms and slept in the nude.

But now, the time had come when Jean begged Sam to leave his wife and live with her. Sam told her he could not leave his family. To cut a long story short, Jean,on one of the stops overseas, reported to her supervisor that Sam had raped her in her room.

Poor Sam was reported to the airline and was sacked. Sam's crime was...."rape"...yes it was alleged he raped Jean.


MY crew please behave said...

Alamak... hope Jean wasn't Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry Jean is not mys cos she is non existent and I had never heard of such a story in my 30 years with the coy

Anonymous said...

Yes I know the story and it is true. The only thing was the cs was demoted and not sacked as claimed by BT.

Anonymous said...

Sandy's case is different from this story la. It means this case dont exit cos the story say the CS was sacked and never said he was demoted. Thus this is not a real story

Anonymous said...

Your words would be more comforting to me if uncle BT confirms it himself since he posted it.

Anonymous said...

Why care whether story true or not as long as it makes interested reading.
Sure a bit tamba here and there otherwise no excitement mah, right BT?