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Friday, 9 December 2016

The bad behaviour crew learned from some passengers

As one flies longer as a cabin crew,one tends to pick up lots of bad and offensive behaviour from the arrogant and demanding passengers.
We,cabin crew (well not all I supposed) learnt to be impatient just like some of our passengers.Out of uniform, we also tends to act like our passengers and become impatient,demanding and critical of the people serving us. Just like the saying goes "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", we also act like our passengers by being ya ya papaya with those who look after our welfare.
There was an incident when a crew got so mad with a waiter for making him wait half hour for his meal that he shouted at the waiter and stomped out of the restaurant.
Another crew screamed at a fast food server for giving her chicken breast parts when she told them she hated them. "You idiot didn't I tell you I hate chicken breasts?!" she screamed on top of her voice.
A stewardess shouted at a guy and used nasty words on him when he jumped queue at a taxi stand.
A bank teller friend told me of how nasty an IFS was, towards her.
Where did all those I've described above come from? Passengers,of course!
One thing we don't do like some arrogant passengers did was to slap or spit at people serving us,thanks to our ability to realise how painful it will be if we are sued.


Anonymous said...

The nasty ones are usually from sales or customer service industry.

Anonymous said...

Recently there was a passenger who complained against the crew for not
wanting to upgrade his son to the business class.

I am an Ass said...

There is a need to display wealth, and the need
for others to be reminded that:

"I am wealthier than you"
"I am more successful than you"
"I am smarter than you"
"I am a customer, and therefore... KING!!"

Because wealth needs to be visible
Because intellect needs to be visible
Because elitism needs to be visible

Otherwise, what is the point of being rich?.
They W A N T people to know... its very, very crucial.

Anonymous said...

Kiasu mentality.

Anonymous said...

learned from passengers? I doubt so.. its all about that person's character and personality..

Tonto said...

Of course you do learn from customers or passengers!

No passenger has ever been reported for bad behaviour to their employers!
This gives the staff every reason to adopt behaviour that they have encountered.
Staff behaviour is always reported by other staff of by customers.. for the slightest

So, since passengers dont ever get reported, and disciplined, it follows that to
behave like passengers is not a bad thing!

I would do the same.