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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

"Voted" 20 most " Hated C-I-C " for 2016

This WhatApps message has gone viral in cabin crew. The list of most hated c-i-c (crew-in-charge) has increased to 20 (10 female and 10 male). The selection of the names are done unofficially by the junior crew.
During my time, we had a list of the top 10 c-i-c whom the junior crew considered as the most hated,feared and notorious leaders.
I've blanked the names to protect the privacy of the 20 c-i-c. However, it's no secret of whom they are. I am sure many in cabin crew had received the same WhatsApp message as I did.


Model passenger said...

Not sure how it helps us passengers since there is no way for us to identify who they are, not that it matters much so long as these same least liked ones do their job well.

If you serve us passengers well, we'll like you even if your colleagues may hate you.

Anonymous said...

By following too closely the procedures which seems too "Army style",by fix timing.PPS and pax dont buy that.Extras ,deviations cuts into the services and thus one can be fuzzled.Promotions based on change address to CC,and others at the expense of another mistake and highlighting instead of overlook as secondary.Unionists member and protected etc,GF of ranked.Too many to write here, but being IFS/S the safest powerfull and almost unsackable.So the battle to be Top Dog.Knowing how to suck up is necessary skills.But in this Internet and Whatapp, the game is fairly evenly match,so the most outrageous will get notice here.

Anonymous said...

The Forbe List for the Millions, so the F'''up award for being """ole in CC.If still dont change then further awards like Congrats by Email.By all.Need emails to send.Get the Message ?

Ownself complain ownself said...

Well at least now we know what the crew honestly think of each other. Nice working with you too!

Anonymous said...

If the crew always complain about each other, then how to foster a good team spirit?HR should get rid of toxic staff.

Vat sa looooo said...

These monsters were created, encouraged by management.
A small group of people whom SVP knows.
But he ai'nt gonna rock the boat... his retirement plans
are more important.

Its been like this for a long time already.. seeds were planted
decades ago... this blogger knows too.

Anonymous said...

Its the Leadership styles that is problematic ,not against each other.HR promoted them,but the actual handling and interpretations of services on board,and the crews interface ,with the esteem passengers could be tedious or "cat",or geow in local idioms.Thus the rifts starts here.Some deviations or improvements in the Server's mind will be interpreted as not good or follow the book by the CIC.Gradually,over time the CIC will be typecasted,and get into the top ten lists.Unless brave souls dare to question the procedures, there are no holy cow that cannot be slaughtered,some HCIC listee need to be avoided.Or continues posting on BT'Blog,and get cussed.

Anonymous said...

The airline will need to change its mgt philosophy. Even Gokongwei, the Filipino tycoon has stated candidly, that that conglomerate he founded, JG Summit, can no longer depend on what it has. Change is needed.