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Friday, 10 February 2017

Ex cabin crew's rebuttal

In response to the clarification by cabin crew management regarding the MC thing, above is the WhatsApp message circulated by a disgruntled ex cabin crew who did not get his/her extension.


Anonymous said...

He is toking cock, 1 mc day cannot be 1% think people stupid is it?

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that VP and all were aware of the situation.One more mc and it would be sayonara for the job.Or if current trend ,retrench or in her case the inevitable no extension.Real life case could spin out into a PR and social media disaster.Hopefully some lesson could be learned and procedures made humane and beneficial for all,instead of fake news and alternate facts.In the internet age,the truth is out somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Years of service
Years in rank
Academic qualifications
Extra qualifications ( relevant ones )
are given points and these are fixed.

The variable part is the MC, and the AA ( Annual Appraisal )
So,what do you think? Can 2-4% be earth shattering?

Dont let the management smoke you.
They can even smoke the public... all 6 million.
Crew is only 0.1% at 6,000.

Anonymous said...

Too bad it took the death of a long serving flight attendant for the public to realise something is amiss at SIA and for the management to come to their senses. Not sure when the coroner's report will be out. They will be hoping work related fatigue won't be cited as the main cause of death.

Anonymous said...

The writer is correct. 2yrs ago it was still 1 whole point deducted for just a day of MC.
Till then this was very very slightly improved to allow for 1 day MC per crew without any deduction of points.
So each crew is allowed 1 day per year without any deduction of points.
Very mean & punitive system SIA has in place for a long time.
Things can only change if Temasek is not in charge of it.

Fair Judge said...

In cc if there is no strict measure in place many would skive and report sick on unpopular flights,festive holidays etc resulting in own colleagues being inconvenient.
I support management move to take actions against those skiving cc.
You reap what you sowed which means if too many mc then no promotion.

Anonymous said...

What the message sent by the ex crew is true. An average AA score for a crew is roughly 85-90%. To be able to qualify for an interview promotion, every percentage decimal will be significant. Thus even MC will affect one's appraisal score despite what is being said by management.

Ex crew

Grow up Sillyporeans said...

No wonder employers prefer FTs....they don't simply take MC!

Anonymous said...

Does it mean that no mc will get promoted?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks that the death of the LSS in SFO is going to be an issue in MCs and promotions has got it all wrong.

Anonymous said...

From all that I have read, most cc must be retards haha

Anonymous said...

They serve you water, at your neck and call.Clean the toilet so that you can feel better.Too many physical activities which is their work. Your maid does the same in your house, your mother also does that you can grow up well, literate and opinionated.Do you call your mum,maid ,those who does menial work retards ?Behaving like an ass-et for the Co by the CIC is another matter altogether, it's call using rank to bully.Try not to call your mum retard, she could be trying to raise retard son to be more EQ.

CC are such babies said...

Hey stupid! Those things you mentioned are also done by CC at other airlines so there's nothing special about SQ CC doing it. Moreover, they're paid to do it! Previous Anonymous was right to call them retards. If you don't like those physical activities then don't become CC. Go work at those massage parlours instead.

Anonymous said...

So you consider yourself clever.Can deduce all CC at other Airline also retards ?If you got balls or not do this: Hey CC you are all retard when on board on your head.Take up this challenge.Otherwise STFU.