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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Possible reasons for not being promoted

I've received numerous questions asking why the late leading stewardess who passed away in SFO recently was not promoted to the rank of a chief stewardess after flying for 16 years?
Before I answer the question, please note that: 
  1. I do not represent SIA as I have left the company many years ago.
  2. The reasons given are my own.
  3. I may not be necessarily correct.
In my humble opinion, I can think of 3 possible reasons she was not promoted beyond the rank of leading stewardess:
  1. She may have turned down the offer of a promotion.
  2. Her overall work performance was not up to par.
  3. The company does not require so many chief stewardesses (no vacancy).
Now let's hear what our readers have to say to the above. Please do not be rude or childish etc. in your comments