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Monday, 20 March 2017

Chief steward accused pax' husband of hurt and intimidation

A few days ago, a female pax being unhappy with the chief steward on her flight got her husband who was waiting for her at the arrival to intimidate him.
The pax unhappines started during boarding at FUK when the cs asked for her boarding pass. It is a requirement by the airlines to check the boarding passes of all embarking paxs.
The pax's husband grabbed the cs by his shoulder and demanded to see his name tag. In the process, he hurt the cs's shoulder.
The cs proceeded to consult a doctor. The cs also filed a police report against the pax's husband for injuring his shoulder as well as intimidating him.
The cs's stand is that no pax or member of the public should harrass a crew member for carrying out his or her duty.
The cs is considering taking  legal action.