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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Profanities and vulgarities reflect poor upbringing

No the deceased captain was not reprimanded. The management read the complaint, laughed at how stupid the Ifs was for writing such a stupid complaint and wasting everyone's time, and tore the compliant.. They told the captain and other captains to continue doing the same thing, and if the ifs is not happy, to tell the idiot to go fcuk himself and ban them from entering the cockpit.. Some ifs need to be Fcucked to wake them up.. they are nothing but head waiters And know fcuk about flying... they Should just remain sucking nipples and dicks ....

Above was a comment left by someone in response to the earlier post. The language and vulgarities were horrendous. Usually, I would dump this type of comments into the trash
bins but today I want to show how some people who consider themselves human beings
but are living lives that are no more than animals (in fact, some animals are more civil than humans). Just my 2 cents!

BT: Another bad case comment was "Chee Bye .. who gives a Fuck what you ate .. " referring to my blog at http://bohtong2ndlife.blogspot.sg/ ".