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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Newbie steward arrested in Narita Airport, Toyko


Anonymous said...

Like the Bali case. Hard to survive on low pay nowadays especially with spiralling living costs. I believe the story is true. Youth wasted on meaningless NS and drugs. Expect things to get worse with the slow economy. Big panda also snubbing us.

Anonymous said...

I hope they hang the bastard ! If not, please send him back to Singapore and we will hang him ...Hee Hee

Anonymous said...


All easy access to ganja.
Just pay, roll, and smoke.
Can buy by kilo even at KTH just on the roadside.

Stupid to bring into NRT/TPE/HKG/SIN/SYD/MEL/BNE/ADL/PER
doggies are very skilled in sniffing.

Anonymous said...

Fat hope. The facts,ganja in USA are allowed in certain states for self smoking but not for resale,so is Amsterdam and hallucinating mushrooms.The prescribed medical use of it for gone case sickness we do not touch on.Leaving USA is a sea change,like Japan and so on,it turn into a crime. Nicotine is also a drug on its own,much like ganja.But civilisations and the Countries in the world allows it.In China it brings Billions in revenue, also Japan.If purist act on it,smoking is also a crime, nicotine the drug,opiate in ganja.So hang all smokers of cigarettes also ?Can so before one acts on crime,hanging for soft drugs or recreational drugs like ganja is deem a difference by law in most countries.Only benefits of hanging is the abundance of body parts for transplant. In China itself,if it is a crime ,the parts can solve all the kidneys and heart and soul on in Europe itself, thus saving the people needing transplant. So he us probably a juniors, isolated and left behind in CC group's, the contributing facts CC culture sucks, you die your business. He needed help badly, depending in the amount in possession, dismiss, but certainly not hanged,by Japan law.He should pick up the pieces, and restart his life.Those who don't Sin please throw the first stone,says Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Regarding "All easy access to ganja",such self confessions are critical and may should CC subculture .Would not be surprise if CC would implement urine test on arrival into Sin.Also course on smoking cedsation and Anti Drug use Course for all CC.Or else CNB might have a good look of what seems to be problems of budding drug use.Bring outstation does not mean Sin law on drugs can be beaten,briefing room urine check ?

Anonymous said...

Young fart trying to get high on western culture.