How much will SQ make for yr 2017?

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Reducing cost in cabin crew is one way to go

Singapore Airlines had a disappointing result for full year 2016. The last (4th) quarter saw it's first loss in 5 years of $138 million. The company said it will redesigned jobs that are no longer relevant and upgrade staff's skill and competency. It also has to look at ways to improve not only staff's productivity, cutting cost but to fill up more seats.
I do not know much about the other divisions in the company as I had never work there except in cabin crew (35 years). There are certain things in cabin crew that are worth looking into:

  • The training period of the new cabin crew of 3 1/2 month is too long considering the present circumstances. It should be reduced to around 2 months, including safety training known as SEP or Safety Equipment Procedure. In doing so, a lot of money will be saved. Newbies will find the shorter training period more refreshing and not too boring. If one does not agree with me then do a survey and find out from those who had graduated.
  • The I/A's post should be scrapped to allow them to go back flying full time as IFM. If this be the case, SIA should have surplus IFM. Either offer them a golden handshake or stop promoting IFM for a long time to come.
  • Outsource the cabin crew interview in SIN and elsewhere. The final round may be conducted by the senior staff.
  • Cabin crew training to be conducted by retired IFM, CS/CSS on a partime basis. It is definitely cheaper than having full time permanent trainers.
At this moment I can't think of anything else to help SIA reduce cost. However,if I do come across any new idea I will post them.


Anonymous said...

You so clever ah BT? Should recommend sacking those chobo lan dinosaurs like sexy,botak,bapok,grumbler and others who salaries are closed to 8K.

Anonymous said...

Hire locals and we'll save a lot. Put Singaporeans first.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your recommendations. Too much expenditure on the crew side, allowances could be cut too. On one hand will reduce costs for the company and on the other will make the arrogant black sheep crew humbler and realise that they are not worth so much.

Seriously, allowance should be live up to its name as allowance and should be enough only to cover food and necessities outstation, NOT sightseeing or shopping. The latter should come from basic pay. If they want to complain their basic is too low...nobody pointed a gun to their head to sign on the dotted line.

Another timely measure: non-ranking crew to be required to bunk with each other 2 in 1 room. Shaves half the cost per night, will lead to immense savings. 1 person per room is an overkill.

Ultimately, people will still join as much as they complain.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the last comment. Crew can bunk together. It's not like they're not doing each other anyway. It's a waste of money if SIA pays for the room only to have crew wake up in another room. Moreover sharing caring. Junior steward should be required to share room with senior stewardess,vice versa. Another excellent cost cutting idea will be requiring the crew to share meal to ensure they remain slim. It's either these things or redundancy. By the way,Premimum Economy was a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

If crew of the opposite sex bunk togather you will see a sudden surge of pregnancy among the stewardess. On the good hand they will be contributing to the Low population rate in Singapore

Say yes to cost cutting said...

Not a bad idea but only share room if same gender. If opposite then risky. This way can save money. Why trim the menu at passenger's expense?3 girls per room and costs will go down. They're skinny anyway so 1 big bed is more than enough.

Anonymous said...

If the same sex share the same room and same bed. Soon more gays and lesbians will come out of the closet

Anonymous said...

Silly you SQ stewardess pretty,can get any man they want so of course straight.if ugly then maybe not straight what to do no man want. As for the boys, yes some a bit girly so can tell not straighT ping daughter attendee. Pax very observent one. Dun underestimet. We see what the crew don't want us to see.

Anonymous said...

Disrespecting the FA as usual by these comments.Hope they are not your daughters,son's or related. No guts to mention about the highest paid in the country but picking on the poor FA.Go hang the baggage, meaning you and hang in the closet in th back of the plane.

Anonymous said...

Is high time for SQ HR division to re-think of those fringe benefit that given to those staffs, e.g: 4 free tickets to staff & immediate family, these are certainly adding more cost to the company, SQ should seriously think of just give their own staff free travel once a year, while family member not applicable or maybe AD50, instead of completely free, happen to know one CS, who is married with 3 kids, every year go US or Europe for holiday, applied FOC ticket for his wife & 3 children, while he himself buy AD90 ticket, while their kids are not grateful to SQ, instead telling the whole world, they are been "Forced"to go on the trip because their parents got FOC tickets, if don't utilized, it will be forfeiture.

If every flight, SQ could save 3 tickets from one staff's family, it will be a vast saving per year, as SQ have so many staff in both Singapore & overseas. e.g : BKK EY normal fare is about $150 per way X 3 tickets x 5 flights per day x 2 families = $4500 per day x 365 days a year, the saving can be $1642500.00 per year, this is just based on a simple calculation on a regional flight, imaging those USA or Europe flight, those figure will be much greater.

Is about time, SQ should tell their staff, don't behave too arrogant aka Hao Lian just because they get free tickets to travel, time to wake up & move thru the headwinds with the company!